TalkTalk Huawei HG635 VDSL 802.11ac router review

The fastest wireless protocol around in a neat package

Talktalk Huawei HG635
Talktalk Huawei HG635 router

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The HG635 is a solid piece of kit that's neither too flash nor too anonymous as a 802.11ac router. It does what it says on the tin. It's a shame that it is not available to non-TalkTalk customers but if you do get it then rest assured that it performs well enough for you to keep it.

We liked

Talktalk's super router is fast, and performance wise it is a very decent 802.11ac wireless router. I like its simplicity, the minimalist look and the fact that it is truly a plug-and-play device that sticks to the bare basics and delivers what it says on the tin (or cardboard box in this case).

We disliked

You cannot buy this router on its own as it is tied to TalkTalk, which is pretty much its only weakness. If you're not a TalkTalk customer, but are looking to buy a similar router, I'd recommend going for a specialist router such as the Netgear R6300.

Final verdict

If you can get it as part of your broadband contract with TalkTalk, go for it and you won't need another 802.11ac.

Otherwise, just badger your current ISP to make sure it gets its act together and upgrades its routers to provide 802.11ac. If you're a TalkTalk customer, adding it to your existing package will cost £5 per month for the first 6 months and £10 thereafter (you get the router and an upgrade to fibre broadband).

Desire Athow
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