Nacon RIG 300 Pro HX wired headset review

A budget powerhouse

RIG 300 Pro HX
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Nacon’s RIG 300 Pro HX won’t blow you away if you’re used to more powerful mid to high range headsets, but its aggressive pricing makes it an essential purchase if you’re on a strict budget. Its lightweight design, comfort and decent quality mic justify the low asking price, though we do wish audio quality was just a bit stronger overall.


  • +

    Very affordable

  • +

    Lightweight yet sturdy build

  • +

    Good level of comfort

  • +

    Serviceable mic


  • -

    Audio slightly muddy

  • -

    Relatively short cable

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Nacon has a track record of making some of the best bang-for-your-buck gaming headsets out there. And with the RIG 300 Pro HX wired headset, the French brand has shown that good quality can be had even at aggressively low prices.

Previously, I was very impressed with the RIG 800 Pro HX, a wireless mid-range headset which boasted excellent audio quality and supreme levels of comfort. The RIG 300 Pro, then, is its budget-friendly sibling, costing a whole lot less but offering an experience that’s nonetheless worth the budget price tag.

That level of comfort is still here with the RIG 300 Pro, along with a similarly lightweight build. It’s a solid alternative if you can’t afford the 800 variant, though do keep in mind that the overall audio quality takes a hit with a distinctly muddier sound. It’s a strictly wired headset, too, so you won’t have freedom of movement, nor ancillary features like the 800 Pro’s excellent charging dock.

 RIG 300 Pro HX: price and availability 

The RIG 300 Pro HX wired headset is available to buy right now from Nacon’s online store. A very affordable headset, it’ll only run you $29.90 / £29.99 (around AU$44.89). The headset is available in either white or black colorways, and is universal, meaning it’s compatible with PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile devices. 

RIG 300 Pro HX: design

RIG 300 Pro HX

(Image credit: Future)

Design-wise, the RIG 300 Pro isn’t too dissimilar from that of its pricier variants. The carbon fiber-like aesthetic RIG logo and green accents create a simple yet sleek design that helps it to stand out in the budget crowd. Much like other RIG models, the plastic isn’t of the utmost quality, but it's sturdy and flexible enough to withstand wear and tear.

On top of that, the ear cups provide a high level of comfort, which is somewhat of a rarity with cheaper models, but a mainstay of RIG headsets. It’s obviously very welcome here, and I found the headset a joy to wear during longer gaming and music listening sessions. The cushioned headband also helps to keep the headset firmly in place, so little to no adjustments will be necessary during play.

The headset’s on-board mic has a smaller form factor than you might be used to from many of the best gaming headsets, but I appreciate what I think Nacon is trying to achieve here. The mic is small, but also non-intrusive. That’s quite nice considering it can’t be detached from the headset.

Lastly, the RIG 300 Pro HX connects to your device via 3.5mm headphone jack. The cable threads through an inline volume controller that can also be used to mute your mic if needed. It’s a handy inclusion, but may take some getting used to if you’re more accustomed to on-headset controls. I do wish the cable was a little longer, too.

RIG 300 Pro HX: performance

RIG 300 Pro HX

(Image credit: Future)

The RIG 300 Pro HX’s 40mm drivers, much like its pricier variants, provide a strong bass profile that’s quite satisfying when it comes into play. It’s a sound profile that really shines when listening to hard-hitting electronic or metal music. However, it’s an overall muddy sound where the mids and trebles don’t shine through as clearly as they should. Certainly a downgrade from mid-range stalwarts like the Epos H6Pro.

The headset performs admirably in-game, however. You won’t be let down by its performance when it comes to picking up directional audio. Distant gunshots and footsteps are picked up clearly here, making the RIG 300 Pro HX a solid choice for multiplayer shooters like PUBG and Fortnite. I was particularly impressed with its results in Gran Turismo 7, however; the bassy profile really highlighting the power of your vehicle’s engine.

The RIG 300 Pro HX’s mic is of decent quality, too. Its output isn’t the clearest in the business, but it’s a cut above many other headsets in the budget range. The only issue is that due to the compact size of the mic, your voice may sound a little distant depending on your settings. I’d recommend adjusting mic volume and monitoring for best results when you’re party chatting with friends.

Should I buy the RIG 300 Pro HX?

RIG 300 Pro HX

(Image credit: Future)

Buy it if...

You’re on a strict budget
Solid quality matched with affordability means the RIG 300 Pro HX comes highly recommended within its price range.

You like longer gaming sessions
With a high level of comfort provided by its plush earcups, the headset won’t irritate at all during longer sessions.

Don't buy it if...

You’re after something more feature-rich
The RIG 300 Pro HX is still quite basic, and lacks many of the features provided by pricier headsets.

You want great sound quality
Sound quality with this headset is more than serviceable, but it certainly doesn’t wow like more expensive headsets.

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