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Take your Minecraft adventures to the next level with Minecraft Hosting Pro

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TechRadar Verdict

A reliable Minecraft Hosting service provider with limited customer support channels.


  • +

    Free to use

  • +

    99.9% Uptime

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    Top-notch security

  • +

    Pocket-friendly plans


  • -

    Memory issue

  • -

    Limited support channel

  • -

    Some features are only available on the Thanos plan

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Minecraft has taken the gaming world by storm, with its unique blend of creativity and survival gameplay. With the game's immense popularity, many players are now looking for reliable hosting services to ensure seamless gameplay and uninterrupted performance. This is where Minecraft Hosting Pro comes in. 

As one of the best Minecraft server hosting services on the market right now, Minecraft Hosting Pro has become a go-to solution for players who want to host their own Minecraft servers. In this review, we test and explore Minecraft Hosting Pro and all the features it has to offer, so you can make an informed decision about whether it is the right choice for you.

What is Minecraft Hosting Pro?

Minecraft Hosting Pro is a hosting service designed specifically for Minecraft servers. It allows you to host your own Minecraft servers, providing you with the necessary infrastructure to run the game smoothly and efficiently. 

Minecraft Hosting Pro takes care of all the technical aspects of server hosting, including server setup, maintenance, and updates, so that you can focus on enjoying the game. With Minecraft Hosting Pro, you can create your own virtual worlds, invite friends to play, and customize your gaming experience to your liking. 

Minecraft Hosting Pro feature options

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Minecraft Hosting Pro offers a wide range of features to ensure the best experience for gamers. The first of these is DDoS protection, which helps keep your server online even when it's under attack. Also, the instant setup feature ensures that your server will be up and running in a matter of seconds, although free game plans may be temporarily unavailable during peak weeks.

Minecraft Hosting Pro also boasts 24/7 ultra-low latency, which means that your server will have a 99.9% availability rate and will be monitored by server status. With free subdomains and domains available, it's easy to connect to your server without using any ports.

Another feature is the automatic backups that are available daily and manually for seven days, with the ability to create and restore your data to any backup point in your control panel. The dedicated support team is also available to answer all your requests, and you can contact them by opening a ticket via email.

Minecraft Hosting Pro also offers unmetered storage, which means that you can enjoy unrestricted access to disk space without worrying about your map or file size. The company also uses bare-metal hosting to ensure that resources are not lost and that high performance is maintained from hardware. All machines are always used under 60% charge, with enough available power for peak usage, and the company is fully transparent about its back office.

The one-click setup feature ensures that you can get direct access to all Minecraft server versions, plugins, mods, and modpacks. With web FTP and client options, file access, uploading, and editing of configuration files is fast and easy. The low latency server design, testing, and assembly using the latest AMD Ryzens CPU with high clock speed and NVMe hard drives ensure high TPS and lag-free servers. You can choose between 1 core to start your Minecraft server or up to 6 cores for highly populated or modded servers. 

Minecraft Hosting Pro server locations

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Server management 

Minecraft Hosting Pro offers server management to ensure that your Minecraft server runs smoothly. The company has data centers located in Europe, North America, and Australia, which ensures low latency for global locations. With an average uptime of 99.9%, you can be assured that your server will be online and accessible to players.

The company has servers located in Buffalo, New York (ny.mchost.pro), Los Angeles (la.mchost.pro), Dallas, Texas (da.mchost.pro), and Miami, Florida (ny.mchost.pro) in North America. In Europe, it has a server located in Paris, France (eu.mchost.pro), and in Australia, the company has a server located in Sydney (au.mchost.pro).

Minecraft Hosting Pro server dashboard

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Interface in-use 

The interface in use for Minecraft Hosting Pro is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward, allowing you to manage your server with ease. Upon logging into your control panel, you will be able to launch commands on your server and check the server activity in real-time through the console. The console allows you to interact directly with the server via specific commands for the version, plugins, and mods installed.

You can access the live console via the control panel and you can as well use the console with your mobile device. The control panel offers several other features, including the ability to monitor the server status, CPU, and memory usage. You can also manage, upload, and download server files through the web FTP without the need for an FTP client. The online file manager offers direct file access to edit your server settings, making it easy to customize your server.

Minecraft Hosting Pro offers a one-click installer that allows you to install multiple versions of Minecraft, including modpacks, with ease. You can also manage player whitelists, operators, and bans through the control panel, providing you with complete control over your server.

Minecraft Hosting Pro pricing options on website

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Minecraft Hosting Pro offers a range of pricing plans to suit the needs of different users, from those looking for a basic free plan to those running large communities with extensive mods/plugins. The seven different plans provide varying levels of features, resources, and pricing, ensuring that users can find a plan that fits their specific requirements.

The free plan is a great option if you want to test the service without any charges. It comes with 1 core of the CPU Ryzen 3900X, 3072 MB RAM, unlimited SSD NVMe storage, 1 GBit/s network, and is suitable for up to 4 players. This plan is ideal for small private servers or those who want to try the service before committing to a paid plan.

The iron plan starts at $6.75/month and is perfect for those who want a more advanced plan with additional resources. It comes with all the features in the free plan, 2 cores of the CPU Ryzen 3900X, and unlimited players. This plan is a good fit for small to medium-sized servers.

The prime plan, which starts at $9/month, is suitable for medium-sized servers with additional resources. It includes all the features of the iron plan plus 4096 MB RAM, 3 cores of the CPU Ryzen 3900X, and unlimited players.

The ultron plan is perfect for anyone looking for high performance and power. It starts at $13.5/month and includes all the features in the prime plan plus 6144 MB RAM, 3 cores of the CPU Ryzen 3900X, and unlimited players. This plan is suitable for larger servers with heavy usage and lots of plugins/mods.

The lara plan is designed for medium-sized servers and starts at $18/month. It comes with all the features in the ultron plan, plus 4 cores of the CPU Ryzen 3900X, 8192 MB RAM, and unlimited players. This plan provides users with additional resources to run their server smoothly.

The orion plan, which starts at $22/month, is suitable for large servers running vanilla PaperMC/Spigot. It includes all the features in the lara plan plus unlimited players and 14336 MB RAM. This plan is designed for heavy usage and can handle a large number of plugins/mods.

The thanos plan is the most advanced plan and starts at $36/month. It comes with all the features in the orion plan plus 20480MB RAM, and unlimited players. This plan is recommended for larger community servers that require a lot of resources to run smoothly.

Minecraft Hosting Pro customer support for configuration support

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Minecraft Hosting Pro offers email support as the primary mode of communication with its support team. However, the lack of a live chat or phone support system can be a concern for users who require immediate assistance or those who prefer a more convenient mode of communication.

The email support offered by Minecraft Hosting Pro is available 24/7, and its support team is responsive and knowledgeable. When you send an email on issues related to server setup, installation, and configuration, the support team will respond within 48 hours. During our test, we sent an email regarding the cancellation of our subscription plan and we got a response within a few hours after submitting our inquiry.

While email support can be sufficient for anyone who is not in a hurry to get their issues resolved, it may not be ideal for those who need immediate assistance. The lack of phone support or live chat feature can also be a disadvantage for users who prefer to have a more personal touch when it comes to customer support.

It's worth noting that Minecraft Hosting Pro does not have a knowledge base or a FAQ section on its website. This means that you may have to rely solely on the support team for any questions or issues you may encounter. While this may not be a big concern for experienced users, it can be a challenge for beginners who need more guidance and support.

Overall, while Minecraft Hosting Pro's email support is said to be helpful and responsive, the lack of other modes of communication and a knowledge base can be a disadvantage for users who require immediate assistance or more comprehensive support.

Alternatives to Minecraft Hosting Pro 

Apex Minecraft Hosting is a popular alternative to Minecraft Hosting Pro. It offers reliable and high-performance servers with a variety of hosting plans to choose from. Its customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any issues you may have. Apex Minecraft Hosting also provides a user-friendly control panel that allows you to manage your server settings and files easily.

Shockbyte is another alternative to Minecraft Hosting Pro that is well-known for providing affordable Minecraft hosting services. It offers multiple data centers located across the globe, which means that players from all over the world can enjoy low latency and fast server speeds. Shockbyte also provides you with a control panel that enables you to easily manage your Minecraft server settings and files.

BisectHosting is a popular Minecraft hosting provider that offers reliable servers at affordable prices. BisectHosting offers a variety of hosting plans that are suitable for both small and large Minecraft servers. Its offers 24/7 customer support to its subscribers.

Nodecraft is another alternative to Minecraft Hosting Pro offering a wide range of hosting plans to choose from, including modded Minecraft servers. It provides you with a powerful control panel that enables you to easily manage your server settings and files. Nodecraft also offers 24/7 customer support via live chat, phone, and email with servers located in multiple data centers across the globe, ensuring fast server speeds and low latency for players.

Is Minecraft Hosting Pro right for you? 

If you are someone who is looking for a reliable and cost-effective Minecraft server hosting service, then Minecraft Hosting Pro may be a good option for you. The service provides a free plan that allows you to test the service before committing to a paid plan, which is a great way to ensure that the service meets your requirements.

However, if you require real-time support through live chat or phone, then Minecraft Hosting Pro may not be the best option for you, as the service only offers support via email. This can be a challenge for users who need urgent help or have technical issues that need immediate attention.

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