Medallia experience management platform review

Versatile experience management software designed for your business

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Medallia is a versatile experience management software provider offering customized solutions for businesses of all sizes.


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    Extremely versatile software provider

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    Great user interface and dashboard


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    Unclear custom pricing structure

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    No online live support

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Medallia is a popular experience management platform which comes with a range of powerful tools. Founded in 2001, it has rapidly grown to become a global provider with over 1000 employees and 15 offices across the world.  

Medallia is designed to help businesses and other organisations improve workflow processes and the overall customer experience. It harnesses modern AI and machine learning technology to reduce your workload and predict business needs, and it delivers data-based information that can be used to make informed management decisions.

Plans and pricing

Medallia offers a large selection of products aimed at businesses with different needs. It provides custom priced solutions on a case-by-case basis, which means that you need to contact its sales team if you’re interested in using its software. A free trial is available, but again, you need to contact the Medallia team to access it. 

It’s worth quickly touching on the fact that Medallia is a great choice for businesses looking for one-size-fits-all software solutions. It offers a wide selection of products and software addons, which means it’s extremely versatile and powerful when used right.

Since Medallia’s software packages are put together individually for each new client, it’s extremely difficult to provide a complete overview of the services on offer. However, a few of its most noteworthy products are outlined below.

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Medallia Athena

One of Medallia’s most impressive products is its Athena customer experience package. Based on AI and machine learning, it’s designed to deliver meaningful insights and recommendations. 

Additionally, Medallia Athena uses modern predictive technology to assess customer satisfaction, even if feedback isn’t provided. Based on this, it suggests actions for you to take to improve your business.

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Medallia Exchange

Along with its powerful AI software and customer management tools, Medallia offers a selection of apps and other addons you can use to supercharge your experience with the platform. The Medallia Exchange includes 40 different products covering B2B customer, B2C customer, employee, and product management.

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Medallia is an extremely versatile SaaS provider offering a range of B2B, B2C, customer experience, and employee management solutions. It’s impossible to cover its entire feature list, but we’ve selected a few that stood out and outlined them below.

Artificial intelligence-based software

For starters, Medallia’s powerful software is based on AI and machine learning technology which has been effectively harnessed to deliver meaningful insights. This means that your software will continue developing and providing recommendations as it learns more about your business, processes, and customer demographics. 

Software integrations

Another thing we loved about Medallia is its ability to integrate with virtually any system. It comes with a wide range of pre-built integrations and data management solutions. Additionally, it allows you to connect other programs and systems using modern API technology.

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Data-based experience management

Medallia also has the ability to provide powerful business management recommendations based on the data it collects. These can help you transform your organization by driving highly targeted, effective actions. 

For example, Medallia’s AI technology will gather a range of information about the customer experience. Using this, it will identify areas of potential improvement and recommend actions you could take.

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Product feedback management

Finally, Medallia comes with a wide range of product experience tools. One of our favorites is its product feedback management module. 

Using this, you can collect user feedback about every aspect of a particular product. Find out what your customers think about your pricing structure, installation processes, features, and more. 

And, you can use this information in conjunction with AI analytics to identify areas of improvement that will drive value and boost the user experience.

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Interface and in use

Once again, it’s quite hard to provide an in-depth overview of the Medallia user interface because it varies according to the products you’re using. However, both desktop and mobile management modules are available through the Medallia Admin Suite. 

The Medallia dashboard is generally tidy and intuitive. It comes with a clear layout, presents important management modules on the left of the page, and allows you to control every aspect of your Medallia experience. 

On top of this, the Medallia mobile management app is extremely useful for those who need to be able to work on the go.

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Medallia offers a few different customer service options, but there is a notable absence of live chat support. You can fill out an online contact form or speak to its team via phone in 57 different countries. Alternatively, you can reach out via Facebook or Twitter. 

Additionally, the Medallia Resource Library comes with a great selection of articles, guides, and other tutorials that you can harness to optimize your experience.

The competition

Medallia is an industry-leader in the business analytics and customer experience field, but there are plenty of alternatives available if you don’t have room in your budget for its high price tag. 

For example, Mopinion is a more affordable customer feedback tool which you can use to collect and analyse information in real-time. 

Hotjar is another great alternative which combines a wide range of UX tools. Like Medallia, it can be used to visualize visitor behaviour and collect information on a range of different metrics.

Final verdict

All things considered, Medallia is one of the most powerful experience management platforms we’ve seen. Its custom solutions come with a huge selection of tools and services that you can use to boost your business’s performance. 

Additionally, Medallia offers decent support services, a user-friendly management interface, and a free trial. We’d recommend trying it out if you would like to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

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