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Mac Data Recovery Guru review

Don’t let the name fool you—Mac Data Recovery Guru can find almost any file on any format

Mac data recovery guru review
(Image: © MacOSXFileRecovery)

Our Verdict

Solid design and file recovery abilities marks the Mac Data Recovery Guru as a sound choice for most needs.


  • Read-only search results ensure that no files are overwritten or accidentally lost forever
  • Recovers multiple-format files, not only dedicated to Mac


  • Not the fastest option on the market
  • Simple interface means flexibility is limited

For SMBs, having access to the best data recovery software can be make or break. After all, losing a client’s data means losing a client’s business. As an essential tool in the security system of any working business, data recovery software must be reliable and easy to use and, most importantly, must provide definite results. 

One of the leading file recovery systems is the Mac Data Recovery Guru. Like any recovery software, it has its strengths and weaknesses. Check out our Mac Data Recovery Guru review to see if it provides the data recovery you’re looking for. 

 Mac Data Recovery Guru: Plans and pricing

Mac Data Recovery Guru costs $89.73, a fairly middle-of-the-road price for dedicated recovery software that also enables the buyer to avoid the recurring monthly charges of many competitors. 

mac data rescue guru review

At $89.73, Mac Data Recovery Guru provides quality without too high a price tag (Image credit: MacUpdate)

If you want to try before you buy, you can do so via the free demo version. However, be aware that in this version deleted files can only be previewed and not recovered. Recovery requires the premium package. 

Meanwhile, users wanting to recover videos, photos, and sound files only could get away with purchasing the sister product, Photo Recovery Guru, which only costs $49.00.

Mac Data Recovery Guru: Features

Mac Data Recovery Guru is a standalone piece of file recovery software. Despite the name, it can actually be applied across a few platforms, including Android cell phones, SD sticks, and USB sticks.

mac data rescue guru review

The read-only search results enable users to browse deleted files before restoring them. (Image credit: MacUpdate)

The Mac Data Recovery Guru’s unique offering is how it approaches file recovery. It identifies the recoverable data pieces of the same corrupted file, reassembles them, and shows the uncorrupted files in a read-only format. This method makes sure no files are overwritten and unintentionally lost.

Its content-based scanning system then provides a list of recoverable files that can be selected from among all the files that have been found and reassembled. The files are presented in an easy-to-use system that looks exactly like the Finder. 

Mac Data Recovery Guru: Client and client setup

The Mac Data Recovery Guru’s setup is much like its in-program use: easy and intuitive. Once the application has been downloaded, users can drag it to Applications and begin.

Mac Data Recovery Guru

The application’s main window is simple and easy to use (Image credit: MacOSXFileRecovery)

The interface lists the drives that can be scanned, including any connected external drives. Users then select the problematic drive and can even select specific folders within the drive to be searched.

Once complete, the scan will present users with the search results. Among the details offered are the number of files found and the number of bad sectors encountered—meaning the number of physically damaged parts of the drive—while users can specify a preference between searching for deleted files only or regular files also.

Mac Data Recovery Guru: Performance

For a moderately priced file recovery tool, the Mac Data Recovery Guru met our expectations in terms of speed and efficiency. Our 2.3GHz quad-core Intel 5 MacBook Pro backed by 8GB of memory showed no serious slowdown in overall performance but did experience some lag while the program ran.

mac data rescue guru review

Simple and stylish, the Mac Data Recovery Guru takes no time to get the hang of. (Image credit: MacUpdate)

Mac Data Recovery Guru scanned through our 256GB SSD and located numerous files that we had recently deleted. Taking just under half an hour, the recovery software is not the fastest tool but is certainly one of the most thorough and easy to use. If you’re looking to recover deleted files quickly and professionally, this tool may do the job for you. 

Mac Data Recovery Guru: Efficiency

If speed is the name of the game, then the Mac Data Recovery Guru would not be taking top spot. If, however, it’s a deep scan and thorough search that you require, then this file recovery tool is among the best.

mac data rescue guru review

With just four steps before search results appear, few programs are more efficient. (Image credit: MacUpdate)

With the array of disks that the Mac Data Recovery Guru can scan, including Windows’ NTFS and FAT filesystems, and a range of Linux and Unix disks, its flexibility in performance is impressive. Most major brand cell phones can be searched through, as can digital cameras and games consoles. In short, whatever files a user is looking for, the Mac Data Recovery Guru should find them. 

One mildly frustrating downside of the Mac Data Recovery Guru is that it does not keep the files’ original names. Instead, it gives a generic filename that forces users to identify files for a second time.

Mac Data Recovery Guru: Support

Although the program’s straightforwardness should keep requests for support to a minimum, everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. However, if there’s one easy area of criticism for the Mac Data Recovery Guru, it is the support offered. 

mac data rescue guru review

Support is one aspect in which Mac Data Recovery Guru could be improved (Image credit: MacUpdate)

The brief guidance offered on the site’s Screenshots Guide section amounts to two measly images, and the sole means of accessing customer support is by filling out a comment box on the website. Unfortunately, despite two messages requesting help with installation problems, we never received a reply—not what we were hoping for.

For users who have problems with the software, this lack of support could be an issue too big to ignore.

Mac Data Recovery Guru: Final Verdict

The Mac Data Recovery Guru combines intuitive use, simplicity in design and high-end performance to deliver a quality file recovery software service.

However, it could certainly improve in a few key areas. Customer support is lacking and, while the tool’s design is sleek, it doesn’t offer too many features. That said, it doesn’t cost the earth and may very well prove your saviour if you lose important files.

Mac Data Recovery Guru: The competition

The Mac Data Recovery Guru is a good file recovery option. But this is a highly competitive market and other providers deserve a mention.

One of these is Data Rescue 5, which, at a Standard Plan price of $99 or Professional Plan price of $299 per year (for use on an unlimited number of computers), has a far higher cost. However, Data Rescue 5’s multi-scan options, presented through a detailed UX design, provides users with more recovery options.

Another popular alternative, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro, costs $99.95 annually, or $69.95 for a one-month license. It’s a similar product to Mac Data Recovery Guru and focuses on doing the essentials well rather than providing an extensive selection of features.