LeafLogix point of sale (POS) system review

We review LeafLogix POS, a first-class point of sale system designed for the cannabis industry, developed to help you meet and beat your sales targets.

LeafLogix POS system
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TechRadar Verdict

LeafLogix POS has everything your cannabis resale business needs thanks to being tailored directly towards this burgeoning market. It’s an easy to use but robust POS that contains all of the features you need to both meet and beat your sales targets. While we remain to be convinced if the levels of support are similarly robust the LeafLogix POS storefront is solid, the backend is beefed up by Microsoft’s Azure Cloud system so all is good. It's just a shame the pricing isn’t clearer.


  • +

    Set up loyalty and discount programs

  • +

    Automatic label creation and printing

  • +

    Easy integration with other systems

  • +

    Powerful reporting and analytics


  • -

    Niche product with some limitations

  • -

    Level of support seems hit and miss

  • -

    Not very transparent pricing

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To put it bluntly, LeafLogix POS is not just another POS system: it has been built and designed specifically to serve demand for the evolving cannabis industry, making it one of the best POS systems in its—albeit niche—industry. This is a business sector that has seen a huge amount of growth in recent years and continues to expand. 

If you're a budding cannabis entrepreneur, or Budtender working in a larger cannabis retail organisation, choosing a dedicated point of sale system like LeafLogix POS may help you hit the jackpot with your forecasted business goals. 

While there are multiple options available to businesses when it comes to choosing the best retail POS system, LeafLogix delivers a precise, expertly considered set of cultivation, distribution and order processing features developed specifically for the cannabis sector.

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Business owners can therefore benefit from a raft of POS software tools and functionality including easy set up and order management, guest list management, loyalty and discount programs plus, naturally, detailed sales reporting and analytics. 

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LeafLogix POS: Pricing

Rather disappointingly, the LeafLogix POS doesn't appear to have an off-the-shelf pricing structure, which is hardly surprising given its niche appeal. The only way we could get an indication of what to expect should we commit to signing up for the LeafLogix POS system was by booking a phone call with one of the sales team. 

Even then we were not able to get any real indication of actual price, or the plans surrounding the adoption of a LeafLogix POS system. Presumably a sales person will talk you through it and create a price/plan based on their recommendations, depending on the size of your business. 

It could all be a little more transparent.

LeafLogix POS: Perks

LeafLogix POS software easily integrates with leading cannabis industry partners

LeafLogix also integrates with a raft of other business software solutions (Image Credit: LeafLogix) (Image credit: LeafLogix)

Also keep in mind the perks you get from partnering with a globally recognised brand like LeafLogix. 

✔ The reassurance that 1500+ cannabis facilities in 38 US states already use Leaflogix POS to run their business successfully.

✔ Industry expertise: having been acquired by leading cannabis ecommerce provider Dutchie in early 2021, Leaflogix are on a solid foundation for cannabis tech. Their industry knowledge translates to their varied customer base of Dispensaries, Distributors, Processors and Cultivators.

✔ Third-party API available to customize the POS system as much as needed, and integrate with Leaflogix's POS partners, who include but are not limited to: Intuit QuickBooks, Leafly, BDS Analytics, Dutchie, Leaflink, SpringBig, Sprout CRM and other big brands in the cannabis sector.

✔  The peace of mind of running a POS system on Microsoft Azure Cloud to keep customer data, sales data and business content secure.

Leaflogix POS: Features

LeafLogix POS system website features landing page

Pricing needs to be talked through with LeafLogix following a demo (Image Credit: LeafLogix) (Image credit: LeafLogix)

Signing up for a LeafLogix POS system is one thing, but the added benefit with this product is that it forms just one part of a wider portfolio of products. All are aimed at allowing your business to exploit the potential of the growing cannabis market. So you’ll have obvious benefits, such as a robust LeafLogix backend plus dedicated LeafLogix POS support while the range of features and functions is second to none.

Fully scalable
First off, the LeafLogix POS system is very scalable, meaning that it can be expanded as your cannabis business grows and you need more capability. On the point of sale front alone though LeafLogix has plenty to benefit your business. 

These features includes the ability to create dedicated registration and employee log-ins, integrated payment processing for reduced human error, and automated business reports. 

Easy third-party integration
The LeafLogix API and backend can be easily integrated with other products in the Dutchie portfolio, which makes it flexible and adaptable. In fact, LeafLogix is commendable for core features, such as its potent guest list management system and ability to create loyalty and discount programs for on-going or one-off campaigns. Better still, LeafLogix will also integrate with a raft of third-party companies, including QuickBooks, the big name accountancy software.

Simple practicality
Everyday transactions, administration and accounting tasks are a breeze on LeafLogix's touchscreen POS system. There’s the option to automatically create labels and print them, while pre-orders and returns can be managed within the system too. LeafLogix also lets you set a purchase limit with a system that raises alerts whenever necessary.


LeafLogix has been created in order to produce a complete end-to-end solution (Image Credit: LeafLogix) (Image credit: LeafLogix)

Powerful reporting
LeafLogix POS comes with plenty of options for producing detailed reports and analytics, which is vital for monitoring the health of any business. The LeafLogix backend data can deliver revealing insights into product history and customer behaviour. Producing said reports is also largely straightforward.


LeafLogix also comes armed with plenty of business analytics tools (Image Credit: LeafLogix) (Image credit: LeafLogix)

Customer profiles 

Similarly, the LeafLogix POS lets you manage all of your customer profiles with ease, and offers the capacity for patient check-in where necessary too. Security and confidentiality are also at the forefront of the system as LeafLogix POS uses customer verification via ID scan.

Leaflogix POS: Interface and in use

While any decent POS system needs to be powerful enough to process multiple orders in any busy business situation, it’s also got to be user-friendly. 

This is especially so if your business has staff members who might be left to fend for themselves. The LeafLogix backend is built on a Microsoft framework, so that gets things off to a well established start. 

Meanwhile, the LeafLogix storefront is a good-on-the-eyes creation that offers customers a simple and straightforward experience. In the middle is the LeafLogix POS, which is similarly well laid out but powerful into the bargain.


LeafLogix POS has a potent but user-friendly interface (Image Credit: LeafLogix) (Image credit: LeafLogix)

Leaflogix POS: Support

Running a POS system is all well and good if you're a seasoned business owner, but many of the people working with LeafLogix for the first time might be newcomers to the cannabis industry. We were impressed with the initial speed of response on making an enquiry about getting a demo of the LeafLogix POS system. Unfortunately things were less responsive after that, which leaves us in two minds about the level of support offered.

Users of LeafLogix on the internet seem to be of a similar opinion and it is perhaps the LeafLogix POS support, or lack of it that currently leaves this system in a weaker position than those supplied by other vendors. 

There’s an option to request a demo on their site, which is all well and good, while their sales people seem keen. Finding how much support is available on the site is less obvious. There’s a dedicated support email address, but no number (aside from a generic one) that we could find and no indication of support hours either. 


The LeafLogix seed-to-sale interface covers every facet of business needs (Image Credit: LeafLogix) (Image credit: LeafLogix)

We were quite taken by the LeafLogix blog, which has a number of interesting and useful entries. However, we’d really like to see a more visible support presence to reassure users, both new and old, that LeafLogix is serious about providing backup if anything does go wrong, or you simply have a query as you go about your daily business. LeafLogix reviews we’ve read also seem to echo these sentiments. In addition, we’d like to see more visible LeafLogix training opportunities on show too.

Leaflogix POS: Security

LeafLogix is a cannabis compliance software company so it therefore ticks all of the checkboxes when it comes to producing a secure cloud-based POS system. Another great thing about LeafLogix POS is the way that the web-based platform has been designed to work securely with other products in the portfolio. 

This means that if you’re a business owner looking to amalgamate cultivation, manufacturing and processing, distribution and inventory while also streamlining your payment processes, then LeafLogix is a well-rounded one-stop solution. Being built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud system is similarly reassuring in terms of backend security.

Leaflogix POS: The competition


Alongside its POS credentials LeafLogix is also great for managing inventory (Image Credit: LeafLogix) (Image credit: LeafLogix)

In terms of competition then LeafLogix is targeting a niche, though growing market. Therefore, there are plenty of rivals that give LeafLogix a real run for its money, particularly as they seem to be very focused when it comes to addressing the needs of an industry that frequently has to adapt to state laws, changing legislation and so on.

Flowhub is a cannabis POS system that gets regular praise for its suitability for multiple cannabis outlets, although LeafLogix POS seems equally matched in that respect. Greenbits, which is actually another Dutchie company, is also noted for its slick dispensary appeal and gains praise for its levels of customer support.


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Anyone with a desire to take their cannabis business to the next level, however, might want to investigate the more muscular Biotrack POS, which offers a much more scalable infrastructure than LeafLogix and is suited to both national and international operations where legal. 

Other alternative retail competitor products include AirPOS, Lightspeed POS, EposNow and Square POS.

Leaflogix POS: Final verdict

LeafLogix is a very promising POS solution, which has not only been designed specifically for the cannabis marketplace but also benefits from being part of the Dutchie organisation. 

With its knowledge of the e-commerce arena and expertise in creating specialised POS systems the power of the Dutchie tech platform should ensure that LeafLogix continues to be a great solution for businesses trading in this area. Its customers certainly seem to be happy about how far Leaflogix have come as a company in terms of software development, with reviews referencing how quickly Leaflogix implement user feedback. 

LeafLogix is already being used by over 1500 operators in the cannabis sector, with dispensaries, growers and distributors all finding it well suited to their needs. Whilst it’s certainly a powerful POS solution, especially thanks to the apparently bulletproof LeafLogix backend, users also find the daily experiences while dipping in and out of the LeafLogix new POS design to be ideal, no matter what size the business happens to be.

However, LeafLogix training could be more substantial, as could the support based on our experience to date. While the LeafLogix storefront comes across as reassuringly professional, as does the LeafLogix API, there are some niggling issues that we’ve outlined here, which leaves us in two minds about it. LeafLogix also need to be more visible with their pricing too. 

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