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A trusted brand which provides an affordable and intuitive fleet management solution.


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    Good value compared to competition

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    Customizable reports and data

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    Integration with other services and devices

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    Question marks over customer support

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KeepTruckin is one of the top fleet management platforms trusted by over a million registered drivers and 60,000 fleets. It was established in 2013 and is headquartered in San Francisco. It helps fleet operators with advanced technology to track their vehicles and maintain electronic logs through physical logging devices.

It is known for providing a fleet management platform which has key aspects like: Hardware products including dashcam and GPS trackers, integrated solutions, software, and telematics.

With the help of these solutions, companies can track their vehicles in real-time and view historical data. The extensive data offered by these devices also allows trucking companies to audit driver logs, manage fuel costs efficiently, and reduce the paperwork and administrative load.


Before purchasing any solution, KeepTruckin offers you a free trial to test out the platform, understand how it works, and identify if it is indeed a good fit for your business.

Its pricing structure is flexible and the actual cost depends on your fleet size. While most fleet management companies offer three-year or five-year contracts, you can get a one-year contract with KeepTruckin which helps you keep the initial costs under control. 

Based on a quite a few reviews left by different verified users online, KeepTruckin is apparently one of the most cost-effective solutions. However, note that the costs of procuring dashcams are not clearly mentioned on the website, as highlighted by many business owners.

The company follows a freemium-based subscription model and has a four-tiered pricing structure:

  • Free: The free tier gives you access to basic features like electronic logs, vehicle inspections, documents and messaging.
  • Starter: This is for the essential needs of your trucking business, priced at $20 per unit per month. It offers geo-fencing and ELD compliance over and above the free tier.
  • Pro: Costs $35 per device per month, and is aimed at companies with large fleets or those which need advanced analytics with safety and efficiency features. Over and above the Starter plan, companies get reports like vehicle diagnostics, facility insights, vehicle utilization and IFTA reporting. Other features like in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspots, driver coaching, and more are part of this package.
  • Custom: KeepTruckin offers a custom-designed package for companies that need comprehensive fleet management. This plan offers all the features of the Pro plan, plus driver workflow, custom inspections, premium support, onsite training and other professional services. 


For a micro-sized transportation company that has a fleet size of one or two trucks at the most, managing vehicles, routes, drivers, and costs like insurance, fuel, and so on, is not a hassle.

However, when it comes to companies with bigger fleets it is not only mandatory on the compliance end to maintain a proper electronic log, but it also makes business sense to deploy a solution that offers you real-time data to manage costs and operations, allowing you to be in full control of things.

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KeepTruckin’s solutions are flexible, hence it is ideal for all businesses regardless of their fleet size. It offers ELD and fleet management software, plus all the required hardware to create a robust tracking platform.

The software offered by KeepTruckin comes with a lot of interesting benefits which includes two-way messaging for effective communication, GPS tracking and driver eLogs to mitigate any misuse or shrinkages and more. 

It offers an ELD device which gets plugged into the vehicle and is connected to the application. The app can be installed on an Android or iOS device, and there is a cloud-based platform as well which works independent to any OS.

One of the reasons why KeepTruckin is famous in the trucking industry is that its interface is straightforward and easy to use, both on the admin side as well as at the driver's end. Since it is compliant to FMSCA requirements, it becomes a compelling choice for many fleet owners.

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The dashboard offered by KeepTruckin benefits from a simple layout with all the options clearly ordered on the left-hand side, while the middle section of the screen is home to all the necessary information like charts, graphs etc. 

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One of the most important tasks that KeepTruckin performs is to log driving time automatically, once the ELD is connected to the vehicle and the driver has paired their mobile app with the device. The sensors present in the ELD device detect the movements of the vehicle, its speed, and tracks the HoS (Hours of Service) as well.

Among the key features of this solution are: 

  • Routing and dispatch
  • ELD compliance
  • IFTA fuel tracking
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Driver safety
  • Open API
  • Two-way messaging
  • GPS location tracking
  • Driver scorecards
  • Dashcams
  • Idle time tracking
  • Wi-Fi hotspot


KeepTruckin offers multiple methods to obtain support. There’s an online guide to get started which includes how-to guides on installation procedures for hardware like dashcams. There’s a blog to keep users informed about new features and updates. Then there is also 24/7 email support for customers. Companies with a Custom plan get premium support as part of their package. 

While this sounds good in theory, sadly a quick glance at the various reviews left by customers online indicates that customer support is one of the pain points for KeepTruckin. 

Final verdict

KeepTruckin is one of the most widely-used outfits in the industry with over a million registered drivers. Providing an affordable and easy to use solution, it is one of the go-to services for many trucking companies. 

With intuitive and helpful features like two-way messaging, logs, HoS tracking, BYOD and integration with many devices and services, there is no doubt why KeepTruckin is seen as a leading solution.

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