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Can it provide high-quality content quickly and automate your blogging and writing?

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TechRadar Verdict

Hypotenuse is a powerful AI writing tool that is geared toward e-commerce and social media content creation. It can create texts and images for other purposes, but keep in mind that you will have to review everything before publishing.


  • +

    Faster than most AI writing assistants on the market

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    Great Shopify integration

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    Easy to use


  • -

    Content needs proofreading

  • -

    Could benefit from more templates

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The AI revolution is in full swing, with new and better tools hitting the markets daily. That being said, Hypotenuse has been receiving some traction online for quite some time, with users lauding its pricing and functionality. 

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The platform itself is an AI copywriting tool that should help you speed up content delivery. But can it really provide high-quality content quickly and automate your blogging and writing? Let’s take a look.

Plans and pricing

The platform offers three pricing plans, with an option to try it out for free without giving out your credit card details. If you’re a single writer or a small business, you will probably look at the Starter plan, which costs $29 a month and offers roughly 25,000 words and 200 images. 

If you have a small team that you want to test out, the Growth plan offers access to up to five users, with 87,500 words and unlimited AI-generated images (watermark-free). This plan also offers a plagiarism checker and will cost you $59 a month. 

Finally, there is the Enterprise plan for larger teams; however, for the pricing, you will have to go through the sales team. An additional benefit of the Enterprise plan is a personal account manager and custom AI models that can be tailored to your brand’s voice.


Hypotenuse.AI pricing options (Image credit: Hypotenuse.AI)


While numerous features that the platform offers overlap with other AI writing assistants, there are still a few which make it unique. 

The batch generator is a great tool if you have an e-commerce site on, for example, Shopify. You can import all of your products via CSV or directly through the Shopify integration and have Hypotenuse bulk write descriptions for each of them. However, make sure you proofread all of them before publishing. 

Content detective is another great feature the platform offers, which allows you to quickly fact check your articles and find sources with just a click of a button. 

Functions such as blog writing, content writing, summarizing and paraphrasing tools are pretty much the same as with other AI writing platforms. As long as you don’t expect miracles, you will get useful content that you can use with some editing beforehand. The same can be said of its social media captions and ad copy creation capabilities. 

On the other hand, the AI image generation can offer interesting results, but be mindful that results will vary depending on the input you provide to the tool. It can be a great way of creating unique visuals for your blogs or products, but if you’re looking for a professional presentation, as with the text, the images will require editing in your favorite photo editing tool.

Interface and in use

Hypotenuse is a well-designed platform that offers ease of use through its simple yet effective UI. For example, the blog post writing workflow offers guided prompts, which are simple to follow and use. All you need to do is click away and add keywords and a topic.


Hypotenuse.AI dashboard (Image credit: Hypotenuse.AI)

A quirky new thing that the other platforms don’t offer is unique loading screens. Once you prompt the AI to create a text or image for you, you will be met with a fun loading screen that creates an impression of work being done behind the scene. Other platforms usually have a loading bar, a sand clock, or just a prompt that says, please wait.


Quirky loading screen (Image credit: Hypotenuse.AI)


You can find a robust Guides section on the platform that offers articles explaining all of the functionality of the platform. Interspersed with the text are also some video guides that can help you get to grips with advanced functions such as CSV importing and batch generation.  

The company blog also offers information and ideas on how to use the platform, at the moment, it’s not as detailed but does offer enough for beginners. There is an FAQ, email support and also a get in touch form, which probably creates a Jira ticket for the dev team to respond to any technical issues you may have.  

Depending on the plan you choose, you can get direct support from the Hypotenuse team, which can help you set up your project inside of their ecosystem. Overall, the support is excellent.


As with most web-based platforms, Hypotenuse offers a detailed Privacy Policy and Terms of Service documents on the site itself. These contain the usual information that the company is following the commercially available means of protecting user data but do not guarantee it. 

For payments, the platform uses third-party payment processors that adhere to the standards set by PCI-DSS.


We’ve given the platform’s writing capabilities a quick test to see how it handles a simple topic. The goal was to cover “Artificial intelligence helps writers be more succinct,” and since this platform doesn’t have a “paragraph” writer template, we decided to ask the AI to write a post on the topic.


Hypotenuse.AI test (Image credit: Hypotenuse.AI)

The results were solid, though the text sounds a bit “dry” and just lists the facts, with an OK conclusion. The topic that we have given it, is quite simple, so with more prompts and a more interesting topic, the results get better. But overall, if you’re looking for content that you can actually publish and provide value, you will have to do some editing.

The competition

The competition is quite stiff for these types of tools, with Jasper AI being a strong candidate. Jasper offers numerous template and integration options, providing content of similar quality. Pricing is on the side of Hypotenuse for now, but if you don’t run an e-commerce site Jasper might be a more versatile option. 

Longshot AI is another platform that rivals both Jasper and Hypotenuse. It boasts the greatest set of integrations and quite a few templates. Furthermore, it has a custom AI model that is quite powerful and can create unique text that passes plagiarism checkers.

Final verdict

All in all, Hypotenuse is a great tool for creating product descriptions, unique AI-generated images, and text that can be used after some editing. On the pricing front, it could do better, but it’s accessible for small businesses and even a single writer. However, we would recommend taking the 7-day free trial (without giving out credit card details) a try before you actually decide to buy it.

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