Flexispot Oka BS9 office chair review

This vibrant orange little number is great value for money

Flexi-Chair Oka Office Chair BS9
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TechRadar Verdict

Bouncy office chair, soft to touch, vibrant color - just three qualities that make the BS9 Oka office chair a top tier choice for your home office.


  • +

    Easy to build with simple instructions

  • +

    Great balance of comfort and back support

  • +

    30 day money back guarantee


  • -

    No headrest like other Flexispot office chair models

  • -

    The color can easily be stained

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With working from home fully integrated into our everyday lives, most of us have now bypassed the rush of frantically searching for office equipment and supplies and can now be at a stage where designing a home office space is done with care and consideration.

Knowing that some of us will still be working from home on a more permanent basis (whether it be full time or a hybrid between the office and home) means now could be the time to invest a little more time and money into a space at home that feels like the office.

That’s where Flexispot comes in with its range of furniture, from office chairs and gaming chairs to fitness chairs and wobble stools. 

In this review, we analyze the Flexispot BS9 Oka office chair from top to bottom - everything from building the chair out of the box to the comfortability and design of the chair. Despite the fact that we’ve been using the chair for a short period of time, we feel the time spent working from home with the BS9 chair is enough to evaluate its performance and overall durability.


The current price of the BS9 chair is £299.99. Flexispot’s BS8 chair is also available, priced at £299.99 and if you're hunting for something a bit lower on the price scale, the company also offers chairs within the £99.99 to £199.99 price range.

It’s safe to say that if you are looking for a quality chair that is affordable and strong, the Flexispot BS9 is a top contender. Plus, the company offers free delivery for all UK orders.

On a wider scale, Flexispot has ergonomic office chairs $99.99 to $299.99, including executive leather office chairs and high back rotating office chairs with retractable footrest.

Flexispot office chair

(Image credit: Flexispot)

Design and build quality 

The Flexispot BS9 Oka only comes in bright orange, and although the lack of color variety gives little wriggle room for certain aesthetics, this striking color will add a splash of brightness to any room.

The chair has a soft high-density sponge seat covered with durable breathable mesh fabric, with good elasticity to stay comfortable for longer, meaning there shouldn't be any need to work from your bed or sofa any more. The chair’s height is adjustable, the wheels roll smoothly (even on the carpet) and there is more than enough space between both armrests.

The chair came in a compact box with all the bits and pieces inside (we point this out because missing pieces are not uncommon when ordering build-it-yourself items online). The instructions - which comes in four different languages - use picture diagrams to break down assembling the chair with ease. In four simple steps, we were able to assemble the office chair in under an hour. 

With the chair, you are able to recline back, which is great for when you need a quick stretch but don’t want to actually stand up and commit to a full one.

The build quality is on the higher end of the scale when it comes to the BS9 chair. We accidentally spilled apple juice on the chair while working one day, and to our surprise, the juice did not soak deep into the chair’s fabric, nor was there a smell or stain when we cleaned it up the next day. 

However, you cannot compare the clean up process for the chair to the likes of a leather chair that usually needs just one wipe - so we would advise you to take your lunch to a sitting room or dining table to avoid spills.


As comfortable as chairs go, the Flexispot Oka BS9 definitely hits the spot. The dip and arch in the office chair’s backrest moulds to your back, giving your spine the support it needs, as well as helping with posture. 

The chair’s material is soft to the touch, the armrests are a sufficient length - more than enough to comfortably place your forearm on, and it’s a padded material so there’s some cushion for your elbows while you type away on your laptop. What is even better, the armrest flips up to 120° for different levels of comfort and forearm support.

If we move on to the reclining feature, unlike some other office chairs that are not able to be reclined back and stay that way, the BS9 includes a lock feature so you can remain reclined and relax until your next Zoom meeting. The BS8 Flexispot office chair did not have this feature, but this minor downside for the BS8 chair could, however, be a blessing in disguise as productivity at work is at its maximum when sitting upright.

As we only used it for a short period of time, the chair’s durability over years will be analyzed over time but we can safely say, so far so good.


Flexi-Chair Oka Office Chair BS9

(Image credit: Flexispot)

Going through this review, you’ll quickly see that there are not many negatives pointed out about the BS9, and to put it quite simply, it’s because it’s a really good chair. 

The chair is reasonably priced and other than a lack of color variation, and the fact that you should avoid eating on the chair, the BS9 is a top contender when it comes to office chairs.

The ergonomic design protects your back well, and with a 7cm cushion on the seat, comfort is the last thing you’ll have to worry about with the BS9.

If you are looking for a non-leather chair (because we know summertime and leather are like oil and water) and you don’t want to fork out an arm and a leg for your office chair, then we highly recommend you look into Flexispot’s BS9 Oka office chair. 

The bright orange chair is set to liven up any home office and we think it’s great value for money.

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