D-Link DIR-879 EXO review

A fast and reliable router

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At the beginning of this review we expressed the hope that the D-Link DIR-879 EXO would be a router that does its job competently and with the minimum of fuss, and we’re delighted to see that it’s pretty much the case. 

Setup couldn’t be easier (despite a wonky mobile app), and speeds and range all worked well without any need to configure confusing settings.

We liked

The price, features list and the ease of setup are all big pluses for this router. The speeds and range were also very good considering the price of this device.

We didn’t like

We’d have liked slightly more flexibility with the antennae placement, and the mobile app needs a bit of work to make sure it’s as easy to use as promised. 

Some more advanced features are a bit hidden away, but that won’t be of too much concern for most users, though the lack of a USB port, which is pretty much a standard feature for routers these days, is a shame.

Final verdict

For its price, the D-Link DIR-879 EXO provides most of the common features you’d expect from a modern router, including dual bands, parental controls and QoS tools for ensuring the network is enjoyable to use no matter how it’s being used. Range and speed of the Wi-Fi is good, especially between floors, though it won’t quite reach the furthest corners of large houses and offices.

It’s incredibly easy to set up, and even non-techies can have this up and running in a matter of minutes, and many will never even need to log in as an admin to change any settings – though if you do you’ll be greeted with an easy to understand and navigate interface.

Overall, this is a great little router that provides very good performance for a decent price.

Matt Hanson
Managing Editor, Core Tech

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