Boulies FIT Series Pro office chair review

Made well, which you’d expect, for the price.

The Boulies FIT Series Pro office chair in situ.
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TechRadar Verdict

The Boulies Fit Series Pro feels great to sit in for long periods and has some useful customizability options, but it’s hard for us to put our finger on exactly why it costs as much as it does.


  • +

    Excellent build quality

  • +

    Extremely comfortable

  • +

    Very adjustable


  • -

    Customization is fidgety

  • -

    Arm rests can’t be locked into place

  • -

    High cost compared to a lot of the competition

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60 seconds review

 With the Fit Series, Boulies’ office chairs prides itself on high quality builds and ease of setup. Our experience of a Fit Series Pro unit was that it’s immediately comfortable and designed to facilitate good posture. 

The polymer material is soft to the touch and, just generally, we’d recommend it if you have the money to spare. We've tested many of the best office chairs, and here the main issues are that the arm rests, while quality, are too easy to adjust by accident, and that it’s quite hard to make precise adjustments to everything else.

Pricing and availability

If you’re on a budget, the Fit Series Pro, or even the Fit Series in general, isn’t for you. Normally, the Pro will cost $890/£619.99 in the US and UK, and the Regular will cost $770/£479.99 in most colors. 

The key difference between the Regular and Pro, as far as we can see, is that the Pro comes with a taller back that has a headrest. Whether that’s worth the extra cost is up to you.

At the time of writing, there’s a sale on, offering $100/£50 off, but these are still far from affordable. Buy it for yourself, maybe, if you’re a hardcore workaholic or a novelist shut into a hovel, and even then - cheaper options that you may find just as comfortable are available.

For the vain, the US Boulies site is severely lacking in color options, with the Pro available in black and the Regular in gray. The UK site offers the Pro and Regular chairs in Black, Grey and Green, while the Regular is also offered in an unpleasant looking (but, crucially, cheaper at £369.99) Zebra variant.

The UK site also offers the Pro in Nappa Leather (£819.99, usually), but our review unit was just the Pro in standard fabric.

The Boulies Fit Series Pro in gray

(Image credit: Boulies)

Setup and assembly

The chair comes well packed in the box, with the separate components (the seat plus back portion, the arms, the pivot and the wheels) packed separately. 

It’s worth noting that, upon lifting the back portion out of the box, an as yet unidentified part came with it. It doesn’t seem to fit anywhere, nor is it listed in the instructions, and the chair still functions as intended, but most of my setup time was spent failing to fathom what this was.

The chair was assembled in under ten minutes. The instructions are clear and, even looking at the chair directly, it’s fairly obvious where things are going to go, such as the armrests on the underside of the seat, which are then installed by a hex key (provided). You might have to push hard to get the wheels to fit into the casters.

The assembled top half of the chair fits simply onto the assembled bottom half, and the hydraulics into the wheel base.

A closeup view of the Boulies Fit Series Pro in black from the back.

(Image credit: Boulies)

In use and comfortability

The Boulies Fit Series Pro is comfortable to sit in and easy to maneuver. If great posture, a straight spine, and avoiding tech neck are important to you, it’s a safe, if pricey bet.

It's less easy to get the reclining back to lock, set the lumbar support, and adjust the chair’s base. You can do all of these things, but you may find you’re fidgeting around to set everything to your liking.

What you can’t do is lock the armrests. It’s at once a benefit that they can be tinkered with so easily, but the lack of resistance means that they’re easy to adjust unintentionally, especially when standing up.

At no point during testing did the chair feel flimsy, cheap, or as thought it was about to break. Having come from a chair with low quality armrest upholstery, I’m glad that the Fit Series’ armrests feel solid, and affixed to strong plastic.

The reclining back is easy to engage when unlocked and, for this reviewer, a revelation. I’m not quite sure what the practical implications are, but for sheer moments of comfort - yes, it’s alright. I wouldn’t spend a premium to get a reclining chair over a more basic one if I were you, though.

Should I buy the Boulies Fit Series Pro?

Buy if...

You like bells and whistles, and money’s no object.

The Boulies Fit Series Pro does a lot, and does it well. A reclining back, “4D armrests”, an adjustable head pillow, chair base, and chair height are all here.

Don't buy if...

None of this stuff is essential. If you’re on a budget, the bare minimum of “a comfortable chair” is far easier to come by for far less money. This is a comfortable chair, but that alone doesn’t justify the purchase.

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