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TechRadar Verdict

With more advantages than disadvantages, Xender is a file-sharing application worth considering when you need to transfer content.


  • +

    Works across different platforms

  • +

    Independence from internet connectivity

  • +

    High transfer speeds

  • +

    Intuitive interface

  • +



  • -

    Local network permissions open up to security concerns

  • -

    Possible impactful battery drain

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In today’s interconnected world, the capability to quickly and efficiently share files across different devices is more crucial than ever. Xender, a popular file-sharing app, has emerged as a key player in this space, providing users with the ability to transfer files without requiring internet connectivity. In this article, we’ll thoroughly examine Xender, discussing its advantages and shortcomings to assist you in deciding if it’s the right file-sharing solution for your requirements.

The Xender app is available for Android and iOS. You can also use it on Windows and macOS.


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Over time, Xender has offered a variety of features to meet user requirements. These include;

File transfers: Xender is recognized for its ability to swiftly transfer files at high speeds, up to 200 times faster than Bluetooth. With speeds reaching up to 40MB/s, sharing files or videos only takes seconds, setting a new efficiency standard in file sharing.

Compatibility across platforms: One of Xender’s standout features is its capability to function seamlessly. Whether you’re transferring files between Android, iOS, or even to a PC or Mac, Xender facilitates sharing without the need for cables, ensuring a file-sharing experience across devices.

User-friendly interface: Xender boasts an intuitive interface that allows users to navigate the app easily. Its straightforward layout enables users to select files, connect with devices, and initiate transfers without facing learning curves, making it user-friendly for all.

Multilingual support: With support for over 30 languages, Xender stands out as one of the accessible file-sharing applications. This inclusivity ensures that a broader range of users can enjoy the app in their language, significantly enhancing the user experience.

No restrictions on file size: In contrast to other solutions, Xender does not limit the size of files you can transfer. Whether it’s video files, extensive document collections, or entire music libraries, Xender effortlessly manages them all. This ensures that users are free to share whatever they want without constraints.

Phone data transfer: Xender streamlines transitioning to a phone through its Phone Replication feature. This functionality enables users to transfer all their data from one device to a new one, including contacts, messages, photos, and multimedia files, ensuring a seamless switch between devices.

Wireless sharing of apps: Xender offers a feature that allows users to share apps with friends without needing an internet connection. Users can directly send an app installed to another user’s device, eliminating the need to download from an app store and conserving data usage.

Sharing with groups: Additionally, Xender enables file sharing with individuals simultaneously through its Group Sharing feature. This feature comes in handy for sharing media during gatherings or distributing information in settings, demonstrating Xender’s versatility beyond individual file transfers.

Why use Xender?

There are numerous reasons to use Xender, far outweighing any reasons not to.

First, Xender works across different platforms, allowing seamless file transfer between Android, iOS, Windows PC, and Mac. This flexibility eliminates the hassle of compatibility issues that plague many other file-sharing methods.

One of the most significant advantages of Xender is its independence from internet connectivity. The app uses Wi-Fi Direct technology to create a private network between devices, facilitating transfers without consuming data.

Xender also boasts exceptionally high transfer speeds compared to traditional Bluetooth file-sharing, making it an ideal choice for sending large files like videos and high-resolution photos.

Xender features an intuitive interface that simplifies sending and receiving files. Its easy navigation and clear instructions make it accessible even for users who are not particularly tech-savvy.

Xender isn't just for file transfers—it also supports additional functionalities, such as replicating a smartphone's data when setting up a new device and a built-in file manager to organize and manage the files on your device.

However, there are a few drawbacks to using Xender.

Since Xender creates a local network for file transfer, it requires access to several permissions on your device. This might concern users who are particularly cautious about their privacy. 

Additionally, the Wi-Fi Direct technology used by Xender can lead to significant battery drain during file transfers, especially when transmitting large files or during extended usage.

Both sending and receiving devices must have Xender installed for the transfer to work. This requirement means you can only transfer files to a device if the owner has installed Xender or is willing to do so.

It's also important to understand that unlike other file-sharing services offering cloud storage, Xender works solely as a transfer medium. It doesn't back up your files to the cloud, so you cannot recover lost data through the app.


Xender is a free file-sharing app. There is no charge to download or use the app. It offers features like file transfer between devices, converting MP4 to MP3, and data transfer without using mobile data.

Final Verdict

Xender is a powerful app that has made file sharing immensely more convenient for millions worldwide. Its speed, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness—requiring no internet connection—are among the biggest draws. At the same time, considerations like privacy, security, and the presence of ads must be weighed.

For users who need to transfer files regularly and value quick, offline transactions, Xender is a robust tool. However, exploring alternative file-sharing applications or services might be worthwhile if the cons mentioned align closely with your concerns.

Like any technology, it's ultimately about finding the right balance that aligns with your needs and comfort levels. By evaluating the pros and cons, one can decide whether Xender is the file-sharing solution that best suits those needs. Remember that as technology evolves, so does software, and Xander's features or drawbacks may change in time, warranting a fresh look down the road.

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