Norton Small Business wants to keep your start-up safe from security threats

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Cybersecurity powerhouse Norton has just announced a new security suite aimed purely at small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). 

The company says Norton Small Business can offer SMBs the same level of security enjoyed by large enterprises, without needing a separate security department or many highly skilled employees.

Norton Small Business. It’s an all-in-one cybersecurity solution, offering features such as secure browsing, password manager, and a Virtual Private Network (VPN), to help secure day-to-day online activities.

SMB targets

The solution, which is available 24/7 also comes with automated PC cleaning and optimization to keep healthier PCs for longer, Secure Cloud Backup to help reduce the risk of loss of business data, and software and driver updaters to help keep software up-to-date and give cybercriminals fewer vulnerabilities to exploit. Finally, the package includes IT coverage and maintenance for up to 20 devices, and a 100% Virus Protection Promise (which comes with a caveat, though. Read here for more.) 

Around 90% of all global businesses are SMBs, which means two things: a) most firms around the world don’t have the level of protection needed to remain secure in this day and age. Many employees are filling multiple roles at the same time and most firms can’t afford a dedicated cybersecurity department/team; and b) most of the victims of cybercrime are SMBs. In the majority of cases, businesses end up falling prey to a phishing attack. In fact, just in 2022, cybercrime cost UK businesses an average of £4200.

“We’ve built our small business products and services with the same approach in mind as we do with our consumer portfolio so entrepreneurs don’t need to worry about becoming cybersecurity experts,” said Massimo Rapparini, General Manager & Head of Small Business Safety at Gen (Norton’s owner). “Norton is here to make cybersecurity accessible and easy so they can focus on building thriving businesses.”

Norton Small Business is available now with prices starting at £39.99/year with options for 6, 10 or 20-device plans.

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