Keeper now lets you control the secrets you share within your team

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Keeper Security is now letting teams have more control over the sharing of sensitive information, such as credentials, thanks to Granular Sharing Enforcements.

The new feature will be included with various products in the firm's range, such as its  enterprise password manager, and will allow administrators to specify the sharing permissions for each user in a team, so that members will not have more privileges than they need.

Keepers hopes that this will help organizations comply with security polices and industry regulations, as well as minimize unauthorized access and help prevent data breaches.

Customizing permissions

Keeper CTO Craig Lurey commented, "it’s critical for organizations to have security solutions that help them adhere to increasing regulations and compliance requirements," adding, "with Granular Sharing Enforcements, it’s easier than ever for IT administrators to better control the principle of least privilege and streamline operations within their organizations.”

When it comes to creating and sharing records, Granular Sharing Enforcements will allow admins to set policies with greater and more exacting restrictions for every user. These permission controls allow organizations to comply with local and industry regulations concerning data protection and privacy. The can also be customized by administrators.

Granular Sharing Enforcements will include alerts and reports on over 100 different kinds of events related to permissions, as well as restricting the ability to update records to only a few select users. To keep the sharing secure, Keeper uses elliptic curve encryption, so that sensitive information cannot be stolen in transit.

The new feature will work across desktop, web, and mobile platforms. Supported products include Keeper's Enterprise Password Manager, Keeper Secrets Manager, and KeeperPAM.


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