The highest mobile data users may surprise you

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Consumers in Latvia are the world’s number one spenders of mobile data with an average spend of almost 42GB a month, per mobile broadband subscription. 

This is according to a new report from the Atlas VPN team, and based on information provided by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The researchers said that Latvia’s number one position is driven mostly by the fact that Latvians have access to high-speed mobile networks in urban areas, as well as unlimited provider data plans.

Chile representing Latin America

Hot on the heels of Latvia is Finland, as they use 41GB of mobile internet per month. In this case, the OECD says it’s Finland’s “advanced telecommunications infrastructure” and “tech-savvy culture” that propelled the country to the #2 spot. 

Furthermore, the Finns are often considered early adopters of new technologies and also have access to unlimited data plans. Coming in third was Austria, with its citizens spending around 30GB a month.

Only one country outside of Europe made it into the top ten: Chile. The Chileans spend roughly 19GB of mobile internet every month. Meanwhile, the UK, US, and Germany all spend less than 9GB every month. 

Another important factor that the researchers took into consideration was the number of mobile broadband subscriptions. In Estonia, each consumer has roughly two separate subscriptions, with one mostly being for devices other than a smartphone. The Japanese also have almost two mobile subscriptions per person, on average. 

Mobile technology is improving by the day, and with global adoption of 5G just around the corner, it’s only a matter of time before mobile internet use “explodes”. Smart home appliances, connected vehicles, and all the other devices under the Internet of Things (IoT) umbrella are poised to increase the use of mobile internet exponentially. 

“Mobile connectivity is convenient, but it can lead to overuse and dependency. Moderation and balance are essential. As networks continue improving globally, average mobile usage rates will likely rise. The future will undoubtedly bring innovations integrating mobile technology even deeper into our lifestyles,” Atlas VPN researchers concluded.

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