Many firms are struggling to keep up with their cloud and security work

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New research from Cloudflare has found two in five organizations feel that they are losing control over their IT and security environments. 

According to the study, companies are failing to balance connectivity with security, while factors like productivity and competitive growth are also having an impact on device control.

The news comes as remote and hybrid working setups continue to be popular globally despite pushback from many companies that are seeking to implement renewed office-working mandates.

Companies are losing control over their IT

Not only is having a spread-out workforce proving problematic to companies, but online services are also causing a real headache to IT workers.

Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince said: “Today, the big clouds have built business models on capturing your data, making it hard to move your data.”

Prince noted that mixing and matching cloud options based on competitive offerings has become “near impossible.”

On a global scale, antitrust bodies have started to investigate many -aaS providers for their anticompetitive natures, including a recent cloud dominance case in the EU.

An increasing number of applications (66%) and locations for applications (62%), the shift from on-prem to cloud and multicloud (54%), and a move toward remote and hybrid working (49%) were all considered to be key contributing factors to the ongoing IT struggle.

An overwhelming majority (98%) of the almost 450 global ITDMs questioned said that businesses would gain value from secure ‘any-to-any’ connectivity that would allow them to pick and choose services from multiple providers without compatibility issues.

More broadly, many workers also believe that inter-company collaboration rather than isolation would help to reduce attack surface areas, in turn creating a much more secure digital experience for businesses.

In reality, a proper solution could be years away, but ongoing antitrust cases are clearly working in accordance with how business leaders are feeling about their online services, helping to pave the way to a better future.

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