Dual-screen laptops could soon become a trend in 2024 as new photos of Acemagic's twin monitor wonder emerge — new device comes with Core i7-1265U, pair of 14-inch displays

Acemagic X1
(Image credit: Cowcotland)

GPD recently announced the first true dual-screen notebook in the form of GPD Duo, a nifty device with a pair of 13.3-inch OLED displays that fold out one above the other. Now, Acemagic has revealed its own dual screen system, the X1 (which it is also claiming as the world's first dual-screen notebook). The arrival of two such similar products so close to each other suggests this could be the start of a trend.

Acemagic teased it would be showing the X1 at Computex 2024 and true to its word, the first photos and details of the forthcoming device have arrived. Unlike the GPD Duo, the X1’s screens fold out horizontally.

French tech site Cowcotland found the X1 at Computex and snapped a picture of it in action, and also noted down the available specs of the device.

Buyer beware

The laptop is equipped with either an Intel Core i7-1265U or Intel Core i7-1255U processor and Intel Iris Xe graphics. It comes with two 14-inch (1920 x 1200) screens that can be connected to create a display on the front and back of the laptop. The X1 reportedly weighs in at a respectable 1.8 kg.

Cowcotland says the X1 supports LPDDR4 RAM (the amount is unknown) and offers two NVMe M.2 2280 slots for storage. There are USB 3.0 and 2.0 type A ports, as well as USB type C ports. The X1 is equipped with two 2 watt speakers and a 4000 mAh battery. Buyers will be able to choose between Windows or Linux. There's no word on pricing or availability at the moment.

While it looks great, it’s worth mentioning that Acemagic has a bit of a patchy reputation. Earlier this year the Chinese manufacturer was found to be shipping products with spyware pre-installed. The company said at the time that this was an isolated issue that was limited to the “first shipment”.

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