Businesses urged to get workers back to the office — despite WFH boosting happiness and productivity

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As businesses continue to navigate through conflicting evidence surrounding the efficacy of working remotely, new research has claimed the importance of human relationships is driving commercial success.

The research by UCaaS firm Gamma perhaps unsurprisingly looks to highlight a correlation between robust business relationships and revenue growth, with the company urging others to reconsider their return-to-office policies.

The report says nearly three-quarters (72%) of business leaders it surveyed believe a good rapport is more important than price and capabilities when choosing a partner or supplier.

In-person or hybrid?

Gamma says businesses that reported growth in revenue overperformed on factors including effective problem resolution, good personal relationships with clients, and providing valuable advice to clients. Internal dynamics, such as organizational culture, also emerged as critical contributors to success.

In a similar light to ROI, Gamma also introduced a novel metric – Return on Relationship – to explore how businesses can assess the strength of relationships and maximize their values.

The study acknowledges the benefits of remote working, which has been aided by technological advancements since the pandemic, but it indicates that physical distancing from colleagues could prevent the development of strong interpersonal bonds that are crucial for collaboration, innovation, and success.

Gamma CEO Andrew Belshaw added: “Connectivity isn't just about technology; it's about people. Successful businesses thrive when their communications have genuine human connections, leading to meaningful customer experiences.”

As the debate over remote work continues, this study reminds us of the irreplaceable benefit of human relationships, which cannot be replaced by even the best online collaboration tools.

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