Beflo Tenon Premium Standing Desk

The Beflo Tenon Standing Desk is by far the most premium desk on the market, and for good reason

Beflo Tenon
Best in Class
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TechRadar Verdict

Beflo's Tenon Standing Desk is unlike any desk I have tested before. Made from the most premium accessories and has integrated technology, incredible features, and a gorgeous design, it's an entire workstation that is changing the way I view what a desk could be.


  • +

    Premium build

  • +

    Fantastic accessories

  • +

    Wide range of smart features

  • +

    Gorgeous workspace


  • -

    Expensive compared to some of the competition

  • -

    Only one size

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The Beflo Tenon Standing Desk has surpassed all other desks in quality and features. Although costly, (and it should be), Beflo unashamedly knows it is not competing with the budget desk market, but is out to make the best of the best standing desk.

The Tenon is a workspace more than just a desk, with Beflo going as far as calling it "the Marie Kondo of desks" due to its organizational prowess. 

This Beflo Tenon Standing Desk has been meticulously crafted with great care and precision in every detail. The metal legs seamlessly transition to the desktop without any overlap or gap. The desk also has integrated storage and even areas to velcro cables, so there is no excuse for a messy workstation here.

Beflo Tenon

(Image credit: Collin Probst // Future)

Unboxing and First Impressions

This desk was delivered on its own pallet from a semi-truck. Once I removed the packing materials and got the individual boxes of accessories and the desk off the pallet, I got to work unboxing. Every piece was tightly packed in perfectly cut foam, leaving no room for damage from poor packing. The box served as an instructional guide, conserving paper and providing a clear and straightforward guide for users to assemble the product quickly and easily. All the pieces fit together seamlessly and aligned perfectly with the desk. As I was building, I had to plug in all four legs, the lightbar, and some other areas, all of which I could do without moving any pieces; they all were right there, ready to get plugged in.

Beflo Tenon

(Image credit: Collin Probst // Future)

Design and Build Quality


Dimensions: 59 x 31.5 in
Lifting Weight: 225lb
Height Range: 29 - 47 in

Everything about this desk screams high-end and premium, from the desktop itself to the metal legs and the intuitive technology woven through the frame of the Tenon. It's like if you usually drive an excellent top-of-the-line Honda and then jump in a fully loaded Mercedes. Your Honda is still a great car, but it's not even comparable to the same tier as a Mercedes vehicle.

There are four built-in standard outlets on the back underside of the desk, and under the front section of the desk lies a USB-A port and a USB-C port (both for charging), and a headphone jack.

I knew this desk had two significant features that I am still shocked about every time I use it. First up is the integrated lightbar. I have had lights on the back of my primary monitor, along with some other lights, for as long as I can remember. However, building it into the desk makes everything feel more together and intentional. 

The second is the slit down the middle back of the desk. This is to be used in combination with the Granite modesty panel/cable management and the Syncline, as well as the Clast, all to make a slot for a laptop itself to slide through the desk.

Beflo Tenon

(Image credit: Collin Probst // Future)

The integration of the lightbar is fantastic. I can easily control the lightbar from my phone or the touchscreen controller built into the desk. I can choose solid colors or gradient colors and adjust the brightness.

I got my hands on the white legs and the white/off-white desktop before they even announce the colorway choice. While I was still determining what to expect when in communication with Beflo regarding the limited color option, they assured me it would look good, and it does. It seems not entirely white, the legs are whiter than the desktop, but it's also not a proper tan or brown. This off-white color looks fantastic in person and pairs beautifully with the white legs and my darker accents for contrast.

Beflo Tenon

(Image credit: Collin Probst // Future)

I chose to keep things pretty simple, only grabbing the Flow Kit, which includes the Granite (modesty panel/cable management track), the Pebble Pro (portable laptop docking station), the Syncline (laptop holder for use with the Granite track), the Argil (cable holder meant for the slit on the Tenon desktop), a few of the Clast (for using 3rd party accessories with the Granite track), and the Creek (leg attachment to hold the primary power cable). The additional accessories are constantly growing, and Beflo is looking to continue to add more, but some of the accessories include a diffuser bar for the lightbar (Horizon), a desk mat (Moss), a pegboard (Valley), and a hanging pouch (Dale). 

In Use

After some time testing, I find myself excited to work at this desk every day. The Beflo Tenon makes you feel like you are experiencing an entire workspace, not just a desk. Because of the slit in the desk, this desktop could be incredibly minimal, utilizing the space to be open and accessible. I find myself regularly changing not just one aspect of my desk but my entire desk because I am mesmerized by adjusting everything he can do.

While writing this, the Wi-Fi connectivity is having some issues due to Beflo updating its central servers - but I've been reassured that it will not close for at least a while.

While it's easy to go into the touch screen, swipe to unlock, and then choose the height adjustment, I also discovered that I can double-tap the screen and the camera button and then double-tap the screen to switch between sit and stand.

Even with my massive setup (see pictures), this desk is still the perfect size. The intelligent features built-in for reminding me to stand up, the color lightbar, the touch screen, and the four independent legs are all beneficial and work well.

Final Verdict

The Beflo Tenon Standing Desk should be your pick if you want the most premium standing desk that money can offer. It has great accessories, intuitive features, a great look, and a high lifting capacity. This desk will never be on a budget list, but that's okay - it's for those who can and want to spend that kind of money on home office gear. 

Collin Probst

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