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The Iconfactory Take Five 1.0.1 review

Ensure that you never sit in silence again

Take Five
Take Five lets you know when you've tuned out of your music

Our Verdict

Perfect for music lovers who too often forget to restart iTunes.


  • Really lovely interface
  • Genuinely useful
  • Simple to set up and work with


  • Could use a little extra info

Take Five is a solution to a problem you probably didn't realise you had, but that you'll almost certainly recognise: those times when you're listening to music, pause it due to some distraction or other and then realise, hours later, that you're sitting in silence, possibly with your headphones on.

With Take Five being an Iconfactory product, it's polished, somewhat minimal and very usable. At its most basic, you click on the Dock icon to pause iTunes.

On doing so, the Take Five window briefly appears and starts a countdown (of a user-defined value, from between one and 30 minutes), appearing again when 10 seconds are left. You can also drag a slider within this window to define a specific countdown length.

Usefully, an additional option exists for prompting the default delay when you tap your keyboard's play/pause button. If that's disabled, Take Five's window still appears, alerting you that iTunes has paused and enabling you to define an ad-hoc delay to suit your taste.

Take five

While The Iconfactory argues that 'less is more' in relation to its software, it would have been great to get a few more options in this instance. There's no displaying a song's rating within Take Five's swish notification window (which shows cover art, name, album and artist, and can be set to display as tracks change) and the current song's title could be usefully shown in the menu bar (which would have enabled us to dispense with other iTunes controllers completely).

Despite these minor niggles, we were very impressed with Take Five - and now less frequently sit with a paused iTunes.

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