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Timeli review

Organise your life the simple way with this handy iPhone app

Plan your day-to-day tasks on your iPad within this simple but effective timeline-based layout

Our Verdict

Simple and largely effective, but needs a few tweaks.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Simple to use


  • Not granular enough
  • No export or share - yet

Task managers and project planning tools probably aren't the most exciting apps you're ever going to install on your iPad, but they're among the most useful. And Timeli manages to combine utility with Mac-like good looks.

It's a no-frills task planner, enabling you to enter projects, tell it the timescale you're working in and list all the tasks within the project.

Simple it may be, but in most cases, it does what you need. Adding projects is easy and intuitive, although we would liked to have been able to set a timescale in days and weeks, rather than picking a start and end date. But dragging projects around the timeline grid and adjusting them is easy enough.

You allocate each task the amount of time it's going to take, the minimum being a day – but it's a shame you can't go slightly more granular here, even just to half- or quarter-day segments. The project's individual timeline shows you how long the combined tasks will take and any slack or overtime you've got at the end.

You then set tasks to Scheduled, Active or Complete, and you can mark the progress of each as you go along. This is limited to visual increments of 25 per cent, but allowing smaller fractions would just get in the way. There's no way to share or print projects, but the next version promises to include this.

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