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Equinux iSale 4.1 review

Improved picture hosting and multiple listing features

With iSale you can have up to 12 pictures on your auction without paying extra

Our Verdict

New picture hosting features cut down eBay's fees, but GarageSale can do the same


  • 160 templates

    Free picture hosting

    Improved multiple auction handling

    Good after-sales support


  • Expensive upgrades

    Higher priced than GarageSale

Just about everyone has bought or sold something on eBay. Buying is easy enough, but listing items through eBay's clunky sales forms can be a pain. Equinux has just updated its selling tool, iSale, and given it some worthy new features, including free picture hosting and better handling for multiple auctions.

The software works offline, so you can create auctions in eBay-like templates, then load them up in batches when you're ready. iSale has an eye-catching array of auction templates to choose from and the area where you manage your current, finished and draft auctions offers a neat and tidy way of working.

The updated picture hosting option in iSale arrives thanks to integration with Google's Picasa Web Albums and Flickr. Normally, eBay charges a set fee for hosting more than two pictures of your item, but this Picasa and Flickr integration means the extra image hosting is now free.

You can have up to 12 pictures on your auction without paying extra. Recent updates to rival app GarageSale have brought in similar picture hosting options, although its limit is ten images.

iSale has also improved its ability to manage multiple auctions. You can now print, archive, list and strip contact details from batches of auctions rather than individual ones. This is a real timesaver for Power Sellers, who earn their living selling via eBay. GarageSale can also handle batches of sales, but is less feature-rich at handling the after-sales experience.

With twice the number of templates as GarageSale and improved after-sales tools, iSale has edged ahead of GarageSale in this latest update. The only problem is its price; iSale costs considerably more to buy than GarageSale, and each time a new version comes out you need to pay nearly the full price of the app just to upgrade.