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CEntrance AxePort Pro review

Plug your guitar into your Mac and start recording, with this portable USB box

CEntrance AxePort Pro
Portable, stylish and swish – the CEntrance AxePort Pro is a great way to record guitar on your Mac

Our Verdict

Expensive but essential device if you want professional results recording guitar on your Mac


  • Light and portable
  • Superb sound
  • Wet/dry slider
  • Cables supplied


  • Pretty expensive
  • Instructions could be better

The main problem that anybody recording guitar on their Mac will have run up against is latency.

Once you start piling on effects in GarageBand your Mac needs to process your selected effects, like Grunge or Super Fuzz, along with the actual notes you're playing and then play the correct sound back to you through your Mac's speakers (all while playing the backing track you're playing over at the same time).

Doing all that in real time is a little too much for the average MacBook to handle, so you get latency – an ever-so-slight delay between the note you play on your guitar and the note you hear in your headphones or speakers.

But don't fret

The AxePort Pro's chief selling point is that it comes with software that enables you to monitor what your guitar or bass is playing using a slider that goes from 'wet', where you can hear all your effects, to 'dry' which is the direct input from your guitar with zero latency.

After a little bit of experimenting you can get the balance between the two, so you can play along with the track and record more accurately than before. The software driver with the AxePort Pro comes on a USB flash drive, although its installation didn't seem to resemble the supplied instructions.

The AxePort Pro worked fine in GarageBand and our guitar sounded great running through it. You also get a ¼-inch guitar cable, which is handy. Attach this to your guitar, plug into the AxePort Pro, and then attach the USB cable to your Mac, plug in some headphones and you're ready to rock.

The AxePort Pro is available from SCV London and this high price tag is the only thing we have to complain about really.

There are cheaper methods of connecting a guitar to a Mac, but the ability to mix your monitor sound using the "wet/dry" slider makes it a must for anybody wanting to record in a professional capacity on their Mac.