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HP SimpleSave 3TB review

The HP SimpleSave External Hard Drive is an excellent choice for backing up your files

HP SimpleSave 3TB
A basic external hard drive offering good speeds and bucket-loads of storage


  • Good transfer speed
  • 3TB
  • Build quality
  • Price

With no fancy casing or gimmicks to offer, the HP SimpleSave 3TB external hard drive is as strait-laced as its name suggests.

When you're trusting a device with your important and irreplaceable files, this approach is as reassuring as it is refreshing. With a huge 3TB capacity, this drive can house almost all your digital files with ease.

Of course, 3TB of files is a lot to trust to any device, and if your files are absolutely essential, a more professional RAID solution will provide peace of mind.

While you might not want to entrust your professional documents to this device, for home use this is as good as it gets. The solid build quality will keep your files safe, barring the most serious of disasters.

Performance is excpetional – which is reassuring if you're backing up terabytes of data. Our 1GB file transferred in 17 seconds, with an average write speed of 81.11MB/s and a read speed of 105.72MB/s.

The device comes with HP SimpleSave software, which is certainly better made than a lot of the free backup offerings you get with external hard drives. It's good enough to trust with your files, though the simplistic design and limited options makes it suitable for home users who just want a quick way of backing up all their files.

As always, if you want a more comprehensive backup strategy with control over what's saved, a dedicated product like Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 is essential.

The HP External Hard Drive coupled with some decent backup software provides a formidable disaster recovery and backup solution that's well worth the money.

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