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Kingston X-Factor DataTraveller 100 review

Get a USB stick with clips from the hit TV show

DataTraveller 100
We found the DataTraveller 100 a bit too chunky for our liking

Our Verdict

Unless you're a fan of the X-Factor, there's little to appeal here


  • Cheap
  • You get an X-Factor screensaver!


  • A bit too bulky
  • Sluggish transfer speeds

Free video content people, it's the future!

This 2GB Kingston X-Factor DataTraveller 100 is branded to the hilt with ITV's popular karaoke-fest, X-Factor, and comes with a whole seven and a half minutes footage of the most chumpy of chumps trying out their delusions on an audience of millions. Can I get a 'whoop-whoop'? No? Don't say I didn't try and enthuse...

Chunky storage

To be honest when you've got newspapers giving away full movies on DVD why they can't also ship DataTravellers with Bridge over the River Kwai 2 on it, I don't know. But I'm sure there's enough young 'uns out there who'll happily accept this as some nice back-to-skool gift from their folks.

It's not a particularly fast USB drive, but then for a tenner it's not going to be. It's also fairly chunky and realistically for such paucity of storage I'd want something smaller in size. Did I mention it also comes with an X-Factor screensaver? No, because to be perfectly honest I'd totally lost interest about 150 words back...

Unless you're an avid X-Factor fan - in which case you've got all this season's DVDs - this sort of branding is likely to simply engender one big 'meh'.