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Viewsonic Pro6200 review

Excels with colours, but lacks features

Viewsonic Pro6200
Viewsonic Pro6200


  • Good image quality
  • Good optics
  • Nice colour accuracy


  • DLP rainbow in full effect
  • Only 720p

The real question for the Pro6200 is twofold. Do all 720p projectors fall into the false-economy category compared to more expensive 1080p models? And if not, how does it compare with other offerings in the 720p class?

The first question is somewhat subjective. There's definitely a difference in detail between the Pro6200 and 1080p projectors, including its sister model, the Pro8200.

Exactly how much you'll notice the difference is something you'll need to discover for yourself. Our guess is that it might not be as dramatic a gap in image quality as you might be expecting, even if the pixel grid on the Pro6200 is much more apparent than any 1080p projector.

As for the image quality and other operational metrics, there's not a huge amount in it between our trio of 720p DLPs. They're all a little bit noisier than the larger 1080p models. But they also all have really lovely, clean colours.

In fact, the Pro6200 deserves kudos for what are incredibly natural looking flesh tones. It also performed exceptionally well in our synthetic test images, although that doesn't always translate directly into real-world image quality.

The Pro6200 has higher quality optics than the 720p competition, too, though lens shift isn't on the menu here. Subjectively, the contrast and black tones are very good, too, even if the NEC V300W has it marginally beaten.

Less impressive is the Pro6200's pre-disposition to the DLP rainbow effect. It's a problem that drives some to distraction while others haven't a clue what the problem is. For those who experience it, the Pro6200 suffers slightly more than others.

Something else you'll be missing out on is stereoscopic 3D. Again, we're not massive fans of 3D technologies that require glasses, reduce image quality and come with a lot of baggage. But if you are a fan, this projector isn't for you. Even if you aren't, it's the sort of feature that's nice to have. That's especially true when you consider that the Acer HD5360 packs 3D support while actually being cheaper.