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The Apple Watch 4 just won a prestigious award for its screen tech

Apple Watch 4
Image Credit: Apple

The Apple Watch 4 marked the first time the company had increased the size of its smartwatch's screen since the original Apple Watch, and the company is now winning awards for that move.

Apple's wearable just won "Display of the Year" at the Display Industry Awards, which was set up to celebrate innovation in the world of screen technology.

The Society for Information Display decides the awards, and they called the screen the "defining feature of the Apple Watch".

Apple's ability to make the display on the smartwatch 30% bigger without increasing the size of the device itself was cited as one of the main reasons the company won the award.

The judges who decided the winners also called the tech "striking", so it's likely just the screen technology itself was enough to impress.

The Apple Watch 4 does have one of the most impressive pieces of screen technology on a smartwatch. 

It's also remarkable that the company is winning awards for innovations in screen tech rather than for its bigger headline features such as being the first to include an ECG monitor on a smartwatch.

Via AppleInsider

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