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3 launches '3 on Demand' mobile TV

Wow - it's almost like being there!
Wow - it's almost like being there!

Is the battery of your phone lasting too long between charges? Well, now you can accelerate its discharge with a range of on-demand TV shows from 3.

The network launched its '3 on Demand' service today, offering full episode streaming of shows ranging from reality nonsense The Hill to animated nonsense South Park - basically anything that might be of interest to 18-25 year-old telly addicts.

The service costs between £0.99 and £1.99 for weekly episode rental, and you can easily pause each stream to watch them in bite-size chunks while you're waiting for the bus.

Like iPlayer, only more expensive and with worse shows

The 3 on Demand service will sit alongside 3's current offering of live TV streaming, video clips from Sky Sports and the BBC's iPlayer service.

Alex Woodhams, Product Manager at 3 UK, says, "3 on Demand can deliver a wide range of full length TV shows in a high-quality and flexible manner. Who knows, this may even bring an end to good old rows about the remote!"

Really, Alex? No rows if the other half is forced to watch a glitchy stream of Strictly Coming Dancing on a 2-inch screen while you're enjoying Lost in HD on the 50-inch plasma? Just make sure you keep the kitchen knives locked away, eh?