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Vista impact 'minimal' despite PC sales rise

HP's TouchSmart PC: The company remains ahead of Dell in the sales stakes

A leading analyst reckons Windows Vista 's impact on new PC sales has been "minimal" despite the fact PC shipments have risen by 12 per cent over the last quarter.

Gartner says the worldwide market continues to be "driven by strong consumer PC growth" yet in a statement which won't please Microsoft says "Vista's impact on consumer demand is considered to have been minimal."

HP remains the top seller ahead of rival Dell with 18.2 per cent of worldwide sales. The company grew its sales above the market rate for the ninth quarter in a row. Gartner has sobering words for Dell which it says "continued to struggle."

Over 61 million PCs were shifted during the quarter. "The PC market experienced a boost from better than expected sales in the United States, Asia/Pacific and Latin America," said Mikako Kitagawa, principal analyst for Gartner.