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Hear more with Philips' SHD9100 wireless cans

Philips SHD9100 hi-fidelity headphones deliver crystal-clear sound reception, free from background noise

Philips has launched a pair of new high-performance SHD9100 hi-fidelity wireless headphones. Philips says the SHD9100s set a new benchmark for digital wireless sound performance by delivering crystal-clear sound reception, free from background noise.

Sound is wirelessly transmitted via the 2400MHz - 2483.5MHz frequency from the transmission link to the headphones ensuring excellent audio clarity and superb resistance to interference.

Best wireless cans yet

By using full digital wireless transmission, the SHD9100 set apparently boasts more consistent sound reception, superior audio quality, enables greater freedom of movement and uses less power compared to headphones that use regular analogue FM transmission systems.

The headphones feature a 50mm driver which delivers powerful distortion-free sound across an impressive operating range of 30 metres. This ensure that they can be worn wirelessly anywhere in the home without any performance loss.

The Philips SHD9100 headphones feature automatic tuning so they can be installed without requiring any complex manuals or instructions. They feature low battery indication to give advance warning for when the headphones need to be recharged as well.

They are on sale now for an approximate high street selling price of £170.