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Now it's Wikipedia's turn to say no to Phorm

Wikipedia washing its hands of Phorm
Wikipedia washing its hands of Phorm

Just this week Amazon announced it will be taking no part in Phorm trials and now Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has announced his organisation, Wikimedia, will also have nothing to do with the targeted ad service.

On the Wikimedia tech blog, it states: "After some internal discussion on whether opting out of the Phorm user-profiling system in the UK would legitimise it, we're going ahead and requesting an opt-out for all the domains under the Wikimedia Foundation's control".

Automated reply

The blog then shows both the email Wikimedia sent to Phorm and the automated reply they got.

Wikimedia has requested that all 83 URLs associated with the organisation be excluded from scanning by the Phorm / BT Webwise system.

Phorm's auto-response replied: "Thank you for your submission to the Phorm website exclusion list.

"If there are no obvious grounds to doubt the legitimacy of the request the URL will be blocked as soon as possible, usually within 48 hours."

The UK is currently under investigation by the European Commission for its dealings with Phorm.

Via Wikimedia blog