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LoveFilm readies backroom staff for digital switch

LoveFilm - all about the digital
LoveFilm - all about the digital

LoveFilm has announced the arrival of Kristian Segerstrale as non-executive director – a move which highlights just how serious the company is taking its digital strategy.

Segerstrale is the CEO and co-founder of Playfish, a company which has made a mint out of online endeavours.

Gaming deals with Facebook has seen Playfish rocket in stature, so much so it was snapped up by EA in 2009 for around £160 million.

Defining film's future

LoveFilm has slowly but surely began taking its digital arm seriously, signing up deals with Sony and Samsung for its app and more recently setting up a movie streaming deal with MGM.

Segerstrale is definitely there to oversee this transition, saying in a release about his new role: "LoveFilm is a pioneer in the shift of media from physical products to digital services.

"They are in the midst of a transformational growth opportunity in home entertainment through new distribution and consumption models similar to that taking place in computer games.

"I'm excited to be involved in LoveFilm's strategy and to be part of defining the future of film and television entertainment consumption."