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Vodafone's offering a year's free Netflix with new broadband deal

Vodafone's offering a year's free Netflix with new broadband deal

Not content with just contesting in the mobile network space, Vodafone is now making a play for your home phone and broadband deals as it opens up its service to the whole of the UK - not just current Vodafone customers.

It finds itself going up against established names such as BT, Sky and Virgin Media, as well as a host of other providers which may see it struggle to gain traction - but perhaps people will be tempted to switch with Voda's own little kicker.

Any new customer who signs up for Vodafone's new home broadband (which includes fibre optic connections) package will receive a free 12 months of Netflix.

Broadband for all

Vodafone claims its new home broadband and home phone service is available to 22 million people across the UK, with touted broadband speeds of up to 72Mbps.

That will depend on your location though, and as a theoritical high you're unlikely to ever see that speed.

What's more, you'll also benefit from Vodafone's own super router, which has a companion smartphone app allowing you to control your home's internet connection with ease. You can change the password, enable a guest network and even boost the connection to specific devices.

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