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Fortnite Season 9 kicks off this week and it looks like it'll be futuristic themed

Image credit: Epic Games

Fortnite's pirate-themed Season 8 is coming to a close, but what does the next season have in store for players? 

Well, according to a teaser tweet by Epic Games, it seems Fortnite Season 9 will have a futuristic sci-fi theme and will kick off on May 9. 

The tweet also shows what we can assume is one of the new skins players will be able to unlock.

Check out Epic Games' teaser tweet below:

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What could change?

Image credit: Epic Games

Image credit: Epic Games

Much like with the previous Fortnite Seasons, we expect Season 9 will bring about a lot of new content and changes to the battle royale. 

We're expecting the map will get some futuristic, sci-fi-themed changes alongside new themed skins, pickaxes, gliders, emotes and much more. However, Epic Games hasn't specified exactly what these changes will be. 

But if you're wanting to grab any of Season 8's pirate-themed gear then make sure you do before Season 9 starts....

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