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Entire Beatles catalogue to sell on one USB drive

The Beatles are finally embracing the digital music era

Mere days after we heard about a legal challenge to a seemingly unlicensed Beatles music store, comes news that the long-defunct band is releasing its entire catalogue on a USB stick.

The apple-shaped USB drive will be priced at an eye-watering £200, for which purchasers of the 30,000 limited-edition units will get just 16GB of flash memory.

Two music formats

Still, that's enough to fit in all 14 stereo albums, liner notes, sleeve art and 13 'mini documentaries'. The music comes in both 44.1KHz FLAC 24 bit and MP3 320Kbps formats, so that's something at least.

The USB catalogue, which comes three months after the Beatles reissued all their albums on CD, will be available on 7 December in the UK.