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Best Medical Alert with GPS
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Best Medical Alert with GPS

We all like to enjoy the great outdoors on occasion, even those who only take a short stroll to enjoy the seasonal changes.

But for seniors or others with medical issues, leaving home without a means to remotely summon help could easily become a serious issue.

Having a device to summon help is useful, but having a GPS enabled device is critical if you aren’t sure of your exact location. And, for those with cognitive difficulties, getting lost is a genuine problem that extreme weather and temperature changes could turn life-threatening.

We’ve collected the best alert devices that relay GPS location information to those that need to know where you are when you need help most.

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Bay Medical Alert with GPS

(Image credit: Bay Medical)

1. Bay Medical Alert with GPS

Be found when you need to be

Fall Detection: Yes | Requires Mobile Phone: No | Subscription: Yes | Wearable: No

Professional support team
4G offers more accurate GPS
No phone needed
Fall detection costs extra

Bay Alarm Medical offers some elegant technology linked to a support service with an excellent reputation. The 4G LTE GPS Help Button is one of its latest products and joins a spectrum of devices designed to bring help to people.

Available in black and white colours, the Help Button uses 4G mobile phone technology to establish a communication link to the support centre should you need help. And, the support team can alert carers or emergency services to your exact location so that help can come directly to you.

And, for carers to keep an eye on where the owner is at any time, they provide a phone app with live GPS tracking.

The Help Button costs just $79, although it requires a support subscription that starts at $24.95 per month for the standard service. Caregiving tracking requires the Preferred Protection plan, at $29.95, and fall detection is only included on the $39.95 Premium Protection plan.  

Our only real concern about this product is that fall detection is only available with the premium service, and we’d like to see it as a standard feature.

Greatcall Jitterbug Flip

(Image credit: Greatcall)

2. Greatcall Jitterbug Flip

A phone that brings help fast

Fall Detection: No | Requires Mobile Phone: No | Subscription: Yes | Wearable: No

Made for seniors
5Star service
GPS tracking
Only works in the US
AT&T only

Greatcall currently has two phone options, the popular Jitterbug Smart2 and the smaller Jitterbug Flip. Of these, the Flip is easier to pocket and comes with a charging dock that enables it to be easily used as a bedside clock.

But what makes the Jitterbug Flip potentially lifesaving is that the core phone electronics and interface have been redesigned for those with poor eyesight, and to provide single-button access to Greatcall’s 5Star emergency help service.

Should the owner have a fall or other difficultly, they can simply open the phone and hit the big ‘5Star’ button and they’ll be connected to a Greatcall urgent response Agent. They can confirm your location based on the GPS in the Flip, evaluate your situation and get help to you 24/7.

And, you can use it to call and text friends and family, as with any mobile.

The Jitterbug Flip costs just $74.99, and the helpline service plans start at $19.99.

This solution is only available in the USA and will only work in a location with access to the AT&T mobile network.

(Image credit: MobileHelp)

3. MobileHelp Mobile Duo

Two for the price of one

Fall Detection: Yes | Requires Mobile Phone: No | Subscription: Yes | Wearable: Yes

Two devices included
No landline or cellular contract needed
Top-rated service
Fall detection costs extra
US-based Emergency Response

MobileHelp has some excellent products for seniors, and the Mobile Duo is a unique offering for those that want an alert system with GPS tracking.

As the naming hints, this product is designed specifically for two seniors and provides each with a waterproof alert button that can bring help quickly.

These don’t recall a landline connected base station to work, as they each have mobile phone electronics that connect via the AT&T network.

Once the alert button is pressed the wearer can begin a two-way conversation with a MobileHelp emergency operator, who can get them the help they need.

The cost of this service starts at $44.95 per month, but reductions are available with longer contract periods. The alert equipment is provided as part of the contract, and you can cancel any time.

For an additional $10 per month, a fall detection device is available. We’d prefer that they merged this into a single device, but currently, they are separate.

What’s best about this solution is the very high reputation of the service that the company is known, and how they channel the alert to emergency services, neighbours or family members as appropriate.

For those single seniors, MobileHelp has a Solo product option.

(Image credit: CPR Guardian)

4. CPR Guardian 2

The discrete low cost option

Fall Detection: No | Requires Mobile Phone: No | Subscription: No/Yes | Wearable: Yes

Low cost
GPS tracking
Heart monitor
Only uses GSM networks

To anyone seeing the CPR Guardian II on a seniors wrist will assume it is a watch, and they’d be partly correct.

It used a wearable technology platform that has been pre-configured to provide a heart monitor, location tracking and an emergency call solution.

Carers and family can download the CPR Guardian App, and once the device and app are linked, the GPS location of the wearer can be tracked and any alerts routed to the remote mobile phone.

What sets this device apart from others is that a service contract isn’t mandatory, and it is possible to use it without one.

You can choose to have a monitored 34/7 service connected to the device, and that costs £39.99 a month in the UK, and under contract, the CPR Guardian Watch is included gratis.

Or, if you only want to be able to alert family members, you can make a one-off single payment of £199 and use a PAYG mobile sim.

You can find the same device on the US for $249.99, and some US-based services support it. However, we wouldn’t recommend it for US customers, because it relies on a 2G mobile network that uses GSM. And, that isn’t something that you can rely on since AT&T turned its 2G network off in 2017.

LifeStation Mobile GPS Medical Alert System

(Image credit: LifeStation)

5. LifeStation Mobile GPS Medical Alert System

Peace of mind for active seniors

Fall Detection: Yes | Requires Mobile Phone: No | Subscription: Yes | Wearable: Yes

Works with Alexa
Small and easy to wear
Charging lasts five days
Relies on AT&T mobile services
Only available in the USA
Fall detection costs extra

LifeStation offers both home alert solutions and those designed for more active seniors who like to enjoy the outdoors or travelling.

Its Mobile GPS Medical Alert System is specifically designed to bring assistance to those away from their home. And should the worst happen, it can locate its exact geographic location accurately using either WIFI signal or GPS satellite system.

The lightweight device is worn around the neck or on a wristband and contains an AT&T mobile SIM that will connect the owner to a certified care specialist in moments once the alert button is pressed.

One unique feature of this design is that LifeStation has crafted an Alexa skill, enabling Alexa to tell you where the pendant wearer is if asked.

By default, it doesn’t include fall detection, but this is an option you can specify when you order the service.

The only limitations of this device are that it uses AT&T mobile phone services and therefore won’t work outside the USA or in locations that this provider doesn’t offer coverage.

LifeStation has a wide range of plans that start at $34.95 for GPS trackable devices, and you can add extra buttons to a home or fall detection as required easily.