Tablets to be the dominant work device by 2016

Tablets to be the dominant work device by 2016
Tablets will be the major device by 2016

A blog post from analysts Forrester Research predicts that tablets such as the iPad will be the preferred device for businesses and consumers.

By 2016, Analysts Forrester expects global tablet sales to reach 375 million units, an almost seven times increase from the current 56 million sales, with one-third purchased by businesses and two-fifths by emerging markets. Forrester also estimate that by 2016 the total tablet market will be around 760 million tablets worldwide.

The claims are made in a blog post "Why tablets will become our primary computing device", by Forrester analyst Frank Gillett when commenting on a new report "Tablets will rule the future personal computing landscape."

Gillett attributes the growth in tablets to a longer battery life, a form factor that encourages sharing and working in groups, and information consumption.

Forrester also expects that more content-creation apps will arrive for tablets, especially as app developers begin to better understand how to take advantage of hand gestures and voice input technologies.

The death of the PC

But does the rise in tablets spell the death of the PC? Gillett thinks not, he believes that although tablets are set to become employees' favourites, and will "slow laptop sales," there will always be a need for powerful PCs with large displays, "Our casual estimate is that there will be 2 billion PCs in use by 2016, despite growing tablet sales."