Sony launches new range of installation projectors

Sony launches new range of installation projectors
The new eco mode cuts energy use by 15%

Sony launches a new range of projectors aimed at the fixed installation market and for use in auditoriums, lecture theatres, large meeting rooms or conference rooms.

The new VPL-CW275 and VPL-FH31, VPL-FH36 models come with Sony's BrightEra 3LCD Inorganic Panel technology, energy efficient features, installation flexibility and a low total cost of ownership.

The new Sony VPL-CW275

The new VPL-CW275 model extends Sony's existing CW255 installation projector line-up, and features light output levels of up to 5,100 lm (on high lamp mode), making it one of the brightest WXGA (1280x800) models in its class.

The new model features a contrast ratio of 3,000:1, and variety of inputs/outputs such as RGB video and audio, HDMI, RJ45 or RS232C connectors, and LAN connectivity.

The projector includes an 'ECO MODE' which enables the projector to be operated with a customisable combination of energy efficiency settings including an auto lamp dimming function. Sony claims this can reduce lamp power consumption by approximately 15% and a 'Power Saving Mode' automatic switch-off after a set time period.

The projector also includes a new 'Picture Muting' feature which can turn the picture off when necessary by a single button-press on the remote control. Lamp power consumption is reduced down to approximately 30% (in blank image muting mode), and there is no need to power completely off and turn back on, saving precious time, costs and lamp hours.

Edge Blending allows multiple projectors to create one large image

Edge Blending allows multiple projectors to create one large image

VPL-FH31 and VPL-FH36

The new VPL-FH31 and VPL-FH36 projectors are enhanced replacements for Sony's existing VPL-FH30 and VPL-FH35 models. Both projectors are capable of extreme lens shift of vertical +60% and horizontal ±32%, plus an Image Warping function allows adjustment of the corners and sides of the projected image to any convex or concave surfaces for dynamic signage displays.

The VPL-FH31 also includes a new Portrait Mode capability, where the installation position can be flipped counter clock-wise. And Edge Blending enables the installation of multiple projectors to create one large image.

Both projectors are capable of 1920x1200 and have Full HD compatibility with manual zoom of approximately 1.6x that allows for high magnification of up to 40" to 600" screen size. The VPL-FH31 has a light output of 4,300 lm (in high lamp mode), while the VPL-FH36 has a light output of 5,200 lm (in high lamp mode).

A powerful AV asset management software tool also lets users monitor and control their projectors across different rooms, and displays system and projector power status, lamp replacement time, alerts and other vital statistics.

The VPL-CW275 model will be available in Europe from the end of November 2012 onwards. The VPL-FH31 and VPL-FH36 models will be available in January 2013.