Google gives advice on Nexus app development

Google gives advice on Nexus app development
Google gives Nexus developers design tips

Google is worried that app developers aren't getting the most out of the Nexus 7 and has gone on the design offensive by releasing a series of checklists and best practice information.

The new Tablet App Quality Checklist is a set of criteria for developers to build apps for the Nexus 7 tablet that "meet the expectations of tablet users", and this will be followed by more guides to help developers get the most out of the tablet interface.

The checklist includes a number of key focus areas for building apps including:

  • Optimising layouts for larger screens
  • Taking advantage of extra screen area available on tablets
  • Using Icons and other assets that are designed for tablet screens

Reto Meier, Android Developer Relations Tech Lead said on the official Android Developers blog "The benefits of building an app that works great on tablets is evident in the experiences of, Tiny Co, and Instapaper who reported increased user engagement, better monetisation, and more downloads from tablet users."

The Quality Checklist will be followed by help with optimising user experience, case studies of good tablet design and reviews of apps.