Create your own private Google Drive

Create your own private Google Drive
PogoPlug creates private clouds from your own drives

Cloud storage solutions like Dropbox of Google Drive are ideal for start up and small businesses. They're flexible, you can share files across the web on any device, you only pay for what you use and they grow with your business. However many businesses are afraid to move to the cloud - or because of legislation aren't allowed to - because of fears over security, but a new solution has finally killed the security worry.

Until now the only way to get the benefits of cloud without the security worries, was to create a private-cloud. However this was an option only really open to big businesses, with deep pockets. Pogoplug Team allows any business to create a private-cloud that would be the envy of any big business in just a few minutes.

Pogoplug Team, is a new cloud storage solution that's optimised for small to medium-sized businesses and turns any office computer, mobile phone, server or Pogoplug device into a private, multi-user cloud storage solution —with no additional hardware required.

Essentially Pogoplug uses your own computers' drives and your broadband connection to create your own personalised cloud storage, so your data remains on your own computers and on your own network.

Other features of Pogoplug Team are:

  • Create multiple users and set permissions by folder
  • Use your existing storage and grow as you go; your storage remains safely in your office
  • Automatically back up files stored on computers and mobile devices, even when users are outside of the office
  • Customise the Pogoplug Web interface, emails and share URLs to match your brand
  • Share large files (password-protection optional) with clients with no size restrictions, and allow clients to upload to selected folders

Pogoplug Team costs just $15 (£9.33) per year, per user (min. 3 users), and you can try the service out for free for 30 days, or you can opt for the normal Pogoplug service that costs £29.95 (£18.63) per computer.