LG puts up Gate to keep out BYOD security risks

Expect to see it on the LG G2

Employees are taking their own devices to work in droves, which is causing a number of security headaches for IT administrators.

Recognising this, South Korea-based mobile maker LG is launching a mobile enterprise solution for consumers, dubbed LG Gate, which aims to help organisations cope with supporting employee-owned devices while keeping confidential business data secure

According to a translated blog post on the company's website, Gate does this by separating personal and business data on mobile devices by virtualising the mobile's operating system in a similar manner to BlackBerry 10's Balance feature, allowing devices to be supported under IT's control.

Virtually private

Details are thin on the ground, but the solution appears to offer data encryption, VPN to help IT departments manage devices from remote locations, and other unspecified mobile device management (MDM) capabilities.

It's initially being launched in the US and will be supported by four carriers, LG says. There's no word regarding European availability just yet, but it would make sense for it to be launched on LG's flagship G2 handset if it does land.

LG's South Korean-based rival, Samsung, has already beaten LG to launching a mobile enterprise solution. It debuted its Knox (yep - like the fort) security solution, which it hopes to end BlackBerry's dominance in the business arena, earlier this year.

Kane Fulton
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