Adtech company LiveIntent opens shop in London

Hendricks: We're starting with one person to make sure we take advantage of the groundwork we've laid in the past year.

Keiser: In January we'll be sending over a team support member from New York who will be replaced by a local in three months. You don't really need a lot of account support when you haven't closed a lot of accounts. We have a few contracts that are very close. By mid-January we will have account support and in three months we'll have a UK account support replacement. I can see the office having between four and seven people by the end of next year.

TRP: Anthony White will be heading your UK-based operations. White's worked at IFG and Dennis, and he's a member of the DMA Email Marketing Council. Can you tell me a little bit more about why you selected him for this position?

Hendricks: I met Ant this fall after he reached out to one of our account directors after hearing we were going to launch in the UK. His background is nearly perfect for someone selling LiveIntent to publishers and brands. He has a long career of increasing yield and driving revenues through new innovator products in the publishing industry. He's got a lot of empathy regarding what publishers are facing. When I took him to a conference in London as our guest, everyone knew him. When you move into a new country it makes more sense to find someone from that market who understands where the bodies are buried rather than to invade as a conquering force. We had already put plans in place to enter the UK and we were going to have to retain headhunters, but he found us. That's the kind of person we're looking for.

TRP: Why expand in London rather than grow here?

Hendricks: London is one of three key cities in the internet ecosystem. San Francisco, New York and London. London has become a hub of entrepreneurs and smart technologists from all over the world that are not in the US. When I go to London I bump into technologists from all over the world.