We finally know when Overwatch loot box sales will end

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Overwatch is finally abandoning loot boxes sales and while we've known this'll happen for sometime, we've now got a confirmed end date.

As Blizzard prepares for Overwatch's transition into Overwatch 2, you may have seen it's kicked off one final event for the original game. Calling this 'Overwatch Anniversary Remix: Vol.3', that's running from August 9 until August 30 and while you can earn 'Anniversary Loot Boxes' for taking part, the official Overwatch website issued this disclaimer: 

"Loot Boxes will no longer be available for sale after the end of the Anniversary Remix Vol. 3 event on August 30."

However, loot boxes can still be earned via other means, like levelling up and playing the Arcade mode. Just be aware that when the sequel launches in early access on October 4, this system's being replaced by a new Overwatch 2 battle pass. As such, any previously obtained loot boxes will be automatically opened and added into your inventory.

The end is in sight

Overwatch 2 characters - Junker Queen

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It's been three years since Overwatch 2's reveal at Blizzcon 2019, but Blizzard's only detailed what to expect these across the last few months. It's been clear Overwatch 1 has no future after Overwatch 2's launch this October and instead of releasing two separate game, this sequel essentially arrive as a major update, rewriting the original release entirely. 

So, we're in the middle of a long goodbye for Overwatch 1 and thanks to two public Overwatch 2 beta tests, we've seen what to expect. Maps like Temple of Anubis and Hanamura won't be in regular rotation — only available via custom games — matches are switching from 6v6 to 5v5, there's three new heroes at launch, including Sojourn and Junker Queen. Once the sequel fully launches, expect PvE, too. 

Still, if you're looking to celebrate Overwatch 1 before October rolls around, the Anniversary Remix Vol. 3 is your best chance. Overwatch Archives Missions and Challenge Missions are back, there's new legendary skin recolors, and all the old seasonal events are returning one last time. It's certainbthat's a fitting farewell for Blizzard's original hero shooter.

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