Vodafone is hitting the IoT market with a new service and four new products

The IoT market is one of today’s hottest and Vodafone has attacked it by launching a new service allowing consumers to connect home devices to the Group’s own IoT network.

V by Vodafone not only supports the connection of IoT products but also offers and range of new offerings, including a connected car dongle, a 4G security camera, a pet location and activity tracker and a bag location tracker.

Vodafone Group chief executive, Vittorio Colao, said: “The Internet of Things is already beginning to transform how businesses operate. Over the next decade, the expansion of IoT into consumer markets will bring about an equally dramatic shift in how people manage their daily lives, at home and in their leisure time.”

He said that the new service would offer users more choice. “V by Vodafone” makes it simple to connect a wide range of IoT-enabled devices, helping customers keep everyone and everything that matters to them safe and secure” he added.

New range

The V by Vodafone range compromises: the V-Sim card, which will be sold as standard with all IoT products from Vodafone; the new app, allowing customers to manage all their devices from their phones and connection to the Vodafone IoT network, all coming under the umbrella of a single plan.

 Additional products will include V-Auto offering a range of features to drivers, including a vehicle locator; V-Pet to help locate lost cats and dogs and V-Bag to help find lost bags.

  • This Vodafone video provides with a good example of what can be achieved using this new service.