US signs up to major global cybersecurity campaign

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US Vice President Kamala Harrishas  announced that the country is now part of an international agreement on cybersecurity, joining 80 other countries, along with hundreds of tech companies, including Microsoft and Google.

The voluntary Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace was established in 2018 to create international norms and laws for cybersecurity and warfare.

According to a White House statement, the US support of the Paris Call is a reflection of the current Biden administration's priority to actively engage with the international community on cyber issues.

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“The United States looks forward to continued partnership with France and other governments, private sector, and civil society around the world to advance and promote norms of responsible behavior in cyberspace,” read the statement.  

Priority cybersecurity

The statement adds that as part of the Paris Call, the US looks forward to working with like-minded countries in order to hold accountable States that engage in “destructive, disruptive, and destabilizing cyber activity.”

Citing it as another initiative to help improve cybersecurity for American citizens and business, the US says it builds on top of the recent counter-ransomware engagement with over 30 countries around the world to combat cybercrime.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated development, David McKeown, chief information security officer, at the US Department of Defense (DoD), shared that the Pentagon will formally launch a new office tasked with accelerating the adoption of a new Zero Trust cybersecurity model

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