This Nintendo Switch controller shows a side of Sonic we didn’t want to see

A close-up of the Sonic Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
(Image credit: HORI)

Video game peripheral designer HORI has a new Sonic-themed Nintendo Switch Pro Controller on the way. But while it might give fans of the blue hedgehog something new to get their hands around, its design is raising a few eyebrows.

First and foremost, the controller (first spotted by Creative Bloq) is something of an eyesore. In a hodgepodge of blue and white stripes, there’s an image of Sonic mid-run plastered on its righthand side, a Sonic logo stuck on its left grip, a HORI logo down the center, and a dark patch on the right grip. It's finished off with a combination of blue and red buttons and analog sticks. Minimalism was not on the design brief this time around.

The front of the Sonic Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

(Image credit: HORI)

But more striking is the unfortunate placement of the right analog stick in relation to Sonic’s crotch. With his right leg bent upwards protruding from his waist, the stick placed just at its tip, and both parts colored exactly the same shade of blue, your mind is easily drawn to an area of Sonic’s anatomy you’d rather not think about. Although it’s not so obvious at first glance, it’s difficult to unsee the outline of Sonic’s unmentionables once pointed out (sorry).

This isn’t the only officially licensed Nintendo Switch Pro Controller HORI has released. It’s designed similar gamepads featuring Mario, Yoshi, and Princess Peach. There's also a Sonic-themed Split Pad Pro that slots on in place of the Joy Cons alongside the console’s screen. Fortunately, none of those designs include accidental suggestions of their characters’ private areas.

The Sonic Nintendo Switch Pro controller is due to release on June 9 for $59.99 which is around £45.80 / AU$ 82.70. HORI will be shipping internationally. That's only a couple of months after the new Sonic 2 movie will hit cinemas so you won't have to wait long to get your hands on Sonic's hardware.

A sideshot of the Sonic Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

(Image credit: HORI)
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