This company wants to heal and repair your VPN

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The endpoint security company Absolute has announced that it will now provide many of its existing customers with free access to its patented Persistence technology in order to help them proactively repair and install their existing VPN applications.

By turning on this capability, businesses' IT teams can ensure that remote workers have uninterrupted access to corporate networks, business applications and data during the global coronavirus outbreak.

President and CEO at Absolute, Christy Wyatt explained how the company's Persistence technology can help ensure business continuity in a press release, saying:

“As we hear from customers globally that they are encouraging more employees and/or students to work and study remotely, never has there been a more critical time for ensuring security controls remain installed and effective. Enabling our customers to reinstall and recover VPN applications allows them, in turn, to enable employees with secure, simple access to the sensitive applications and data required to do their jobs, wherever they are working… and maintain business continuity and their ability to take care of their customers.”

Application Persistence for VPN

As the coronavirus continues to disrupt businesses' day to day operations, many organizations of all sizes have faced increased pressure to rapidly implement remote work policies and the technologies needed to put them in action.

To support IT teams tasked with ensuring employee productivity, organizational security and business continuity, Absolute has decided to offer free access to its Application Persistence for VPN service for all of its Visibility and Control tier customers through August 31, 2020.

Keep in mind though that the service does not work for every VPN and at this time, only Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client, F5 BIG-IP Edge Client and Pulse Connect Secure are supported.

Keeping VPN clients updated and configured correctly remains a challenge for many businesses and Absolute's upcoming "2020 State of Endpoint Resilience Report" revealed that nearly half of endpoint devices with a VPN client installed have one that is misconfigured, out-of-date or non-compliant.

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