The best Quest 2 VR game is getting a massive update later this month

"Walkabout Mini Golf" and "Labyrinth" are written in the sky in front of an arid background with a castle and a labyrinth
(Image credit: Mighty Coconut / Jim Henson Company)

Our favorite Quest 2 game, Walkabout Mini Golf, is about to get even better, with its biggest expansion yet set to drop later this month. The July 28 update will not only expand multiplayer lobbies from five to eight, but fans will also be able to purchase and play a course inspired by the classic Jim Henson movie Labyrinth.

The 1986 musical fantasy film stars Jennifer Connelly (Snowpiercer) as Sarah, a young woman on a quest to save her brother from David Bowie’s Goblin King by finding the center of an enormous maze.

It also features a cast of puppets created by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, some of which are set to make an appearance in the Walkabout Mini golf level inspired by the film.

Speaking about the level, developer Mighty Coconut's Lucas Martell, the game's executive producer, called the course "something bigger and more diverse than we've ever attempted". Blending familiar and never-before-seen aspects of the original film with Walkabout's engaging gameplay, this Labyrinth course promises to be a delight for Jim Henson fans and complete newcomers alike.

If you haven’t played Walkabout Mini Golf and you own a VR headset, you’re missing out. Available through the official Quest store and Steam, Walkabout Mini Golf is what you’d expect – a mini-golf simulator in VR. But while its concept is simple, its execution is superb, making it one of the best VR games we've played.

Its themed worlds are brimming with detail and character, and combined with its gameplay physics you’ll feel more immersed in its courses than in any other VR game you’ve played before. There’s so much variety in worlds too, from a pirate cove to a space station to candy land and several more – each with elements that make them feel unique rather than a reskin.

Additionally, each course has 18 hidden golf balls with unique designs that can be collected and added to your collection. There’s also a foxhunt puzzle on each level’s hard mode that unlocks a special putter for you to use.

Based on the trailer the Labyrinth-inspired course looks set to be just as special as what has come before, and just as full of detail and lost balls to find. The course is out on July 28 and will cost $3 / £2.30 / AU$4.50, the same as previous DLC courses for Walkabout Mini Golf.

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