Steam Deck update fixes some bugs and improves the interface

Photo of Steam Deck handheld console
(Image credit: Future)

The Steam Deck has received a useful update for its OS, improving performance in certain areas of the interface for the handheld gaming PC.

Today’s patch for the Steam Deck client makes some important performance tweaks to the Library and Store, as well as applying a few bug fixes elsewhere.

Valve promises that after the update, the Store will have better performance and will be easier to navigate overall.

With the Library, the search function has been improved in several ways – including making it more obvious – and the ‘All Collections’ view now benefits from fast scrolling to make it feel more responsive.

On the bug fixing side of the equation, the client software updater itself has had an annoying error message squashed (one that was repeatedly occurring), and issues around interface aesthetics, and achievement notifications not having any sound effects, have also been remedied.

Analysis: Useful changes, and what’s this about Cyberpunk 2077 support?

This isn’t a huge update for the client, then, but the performance and navigation tweaks made to some core bits of the software sound pretty useful, and cures for a few niggling bugs won’t go amiss either. Valve has also applied some localization updates, to boot.

It’s also been reported that Cyberpunk 2077 now officially supports the Steam Deck – all of these developments were flagged by Wccftech [1, 2] – however, that was only going by unofficial info. Now that the patch 1.52 notes have been published for this (hefty) Cyberpunk 2077 update, we don’t see any mention of the Steam Deck, so it seems this isn’t the case. Not unless something got left out (or maybe support is coming down the line, soon).

There are a huge amount of bug fixes applied with v1.52, though, and some further problems with quests in Cyberpunk 2077 have been smoothed over.

Note that Cyberpunk 2077 is already rated as ‘Playable’ by Valve when it comes to the Steam Deck, which is the second-best tier for compatibility – meaning it may need some configuration for the best experience, and the game hasn’t yet reached fully supported ‘Verified’ status (the label for Steam games that work great off-the-bat with no tweaking required whatsoever).

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