Morrisons employee arrested following staff data theft

Hackers shopping for employee data

A Morrisons employee has been arrested following the theft and online publication of thousands of staff members' salary, bank account and address details.

According to a statement by West Yorkshire Police the man, who is from Leeds, was arrested near the supermarket's headquarters in Bradford and is now in custody.

According to the Guardian, the breach, which occurred last week, is believed to have been due to a leak from within the organisation.

Police suspect that the data was downloaded onto a personal storage device and removed from Morrisons' headquarters in Bradford.

A disc, which was found to be storing data on staff from the director level to the shop floor, was also sent anonymously to a local paper in Yorkshire. It was claimed to have come from a "concerned Morrisons shopper".

Not good enough

Embarrassingly, the details appeared online mere hours after chief executive Dalton Phillips boasted that the company's new IT systems would be key in improving the chain's performance. The details were online for a few hours before being taken down, with, according to the supermarket, no loss of customer data.

The company has said that it's reviewing its data security measures and is working with banks and credit services to help employees secure their accounts. Staff expressed anger that they had not been informed of the leak in time, and that posting notices on Facebook to notify employees was far from good enough.

The leak comes just weeks after the arrest of the group's treasurer Paul Coyle over allegations of insider dealing.